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Miss Sunday from Harrisburg 
Precious kitten was found under my niece’s deck on Pentecost Sunday. She must have been a drop off. Not a feral kitty, no fear of people or dogs. My daughter …

Wendy from Jackson 
Rescued at seven weeks old, under a Wendy's drive thru sign.

Popcorn is her name 
She just loves sleep. I got her from my best friend. I love popcorn so much I thought I would name her after my favorite food so I did.

Casper's agonizing journey and fight to live 
Casper was born on 19.1.2013. He was very sickly and frail and was not going to make it. His mother suffered from PKD, and she couldn't nurse him. He …

Yoshi, my little princess and baby 
This is my beautiful baby Yoshi. She is so cute and always plays run and hide with us, which makes me want to squash her more! Can you resist that face?! …

Red-Devil... The Cat Who Loves Mirrors 
Red-Devil was 6 weeks old when I met him at Kings Highway Cat Rescue. The story of this tiny ball of red fur huddled in the corner of a cage broke my …

Count Dracula 
Count Dracula is truly The Cat From Hell, but he is loved and adored. After losing Handsome, I was intent on getting a cat that resembled him and placed …

The Rescue of Orange and Gary 
Hi! I would like to share a story about the cats I adopted in the last 5 months. I'm Astrid, and this is Gary and Orange. We named them Gary and Orange …

Katra, the momma of 15 
Hi, I am Katra and I am very playful and sweet. Can you believe I look this good after having this many kids? I keep in shape, especially because my human …

Chibbs from Michigan 
Chibbs is an 8 month old white Devon Rex. In this pic he was 6 months old. I work at an assisted living facility, and he goes there to visit with the …

Little White Paws from San Marcos 
My name is Little White Paws. I'm 10-1/2. Mother doesn't let me go outside because I have a heart condition. Mother gives me medicine everyday and she …

RowdyAnne from San Marcos 
It's the 8th inning for Miss RowdyAnne, diabetic, age 12, my tri-color paint cat. I'm saddened that she won't see her 13th birthday. As a kitten, the stereotypical …

The Cats of Langkawi 
This stray cat lives in a rowboat on the beach near Telaga Harbour, Langkawi Island. It is in excellent condition and is fed daily by an Australian cat-lover …

SadieMae and Percy 
SadieMae is 7 years old. I adopted her big-self 5 years ago when her elderly owner passed away. She is a puppy-cat because she often behaves like a dog. …

Hansel and Gretel Sharing The Sink 
We have had Hansel and Gretel for 13 years now in Kitty Time. They share everything with each other pretty well and they were from the same litter when …

Hansel Taking A Big Yawn After A Nap 
Hansel has been snoozing in the sink since he was about a year old. He also likes to have me barely turn on the cold water tap so it is a tiny drizzle …

Curious Ace 
Ace is a loving cat who is very curious. He is always looking for something to get into.

Tiger from Pensacola 
Tiger is my own very special furbaby! He is a mixed tabby breed with brilliant green eyes! He is 7 1/2 years old -- his birthday is in March! He is …

Every night when I get home, this is the face I see.

Picasso from India 
The Persian Prince.

Arthur from Belgium 
Arthur is our 1 year old Scottish Fold. We love his acts, his moves, his attitude. We are so proud of him. <3

Sunsu from Wisconsin 
We decided to adopt a kitten we named Sunsu because we fell in love with her perfectly sweet personality. She loves her toys and games of chase, just hanging …

Beautiful Two-Face 
This is my beautiful torti Two-face. She was adopted through my local shelter after I fostered her mom and siblings. She is the most wonderful kitten and …

Cleo from Bakersfield 
I adopted her when she was 6 weeks old. She was born feral but I was able to touch her and pick her up. Her feral mom seemed not to mind. I love her so …

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Contemplating Kitten 
I found this image of an adorable street kitten at the website of our local shelter of which I know the owner. Decided to give it a caption and upload …

Samantha and her carrier 
She is getting used to her carrier.

My 20 year old pet cat 
My furbaby is almost 20 yrs old. I found her by my place of work. She showed up for about 4 days in a row and I said if she comes back again I am taking …

My China Doll 
This is my China. She was a rescue from the local rescue group we foster for. She has stolen my heart.

The Cat in the Hat 
More like an impostor Cat in the Hat but our Thor is just as awesome. :)

Hi, I'm Sally 
This is my sally.

Dear Chloe 
After losing our two beloved cats 6 weeks apart in Aug and Sept, (they were 17 and 19 years old), a chance trip to the local mall at a friend's invite …

Fox and Swiper, My Sweet Boys! 
They are very mellow cats who are extremely overly friendly, even to strangers. They are lap cats to say the least. Fox is Swiper's son and they are …

Every witch needs a black cat. He said, "Take me home." I said, "OK."

Princess Leia from Vancouver 
Sunbathing in the summer!

Simba from Malden 
My cat is loving, sweet, playful and he is spoiled and loved so very much. My cat's name is Simba. <3

My name is Lulu 
My name is Lulu. I am 5 months old. I love to cuddle with my mommy and I love to eat a lot and my favorite animal head is Scooby Doo and I love to sleep …

My Cute Tiera 
Hi, this is Tiera, my cute cat. She loves to play with me at night.

My cute Lyko 
His name is Lyko... so kind and sweet family cat.

Twany, the kitten who I rescued from the dangerous outside world 
This is my baby Twany. She was rescued out behind my family's restaurant here in my town where there is a paradise for cats to keep having litters in a …

Tiffany and her new cat bed! 
I rescued Tiffany in early September and she has brought so much joy to my life in such a short time. Simba does not want to share his cat bed with her …

My kitty named Dolu 
Dolu is very active and lovable.

White kitty with black kittens 
He's a big brother to the kittens.

Christmas Day Kittens 
They were born on December 25th, 2013... afternoon... such a great day!

Wonderful Christmas with Kiwi 
His name is Kiwi, my cutie and funny cat, 6 years old... I love him... here with his santa suit... lol.


Bibber, one of six rescued kitties 
One of my six rescued friends!

Sam I Am 
I had wanted a cat so bad. My daughter was home for the Christmas holidays and we decided to go to our local humane society. I wanted a Siamese real …

Beautiful Kitten Skittles 
This is my little Skittles. She's 3 months old and growing into a beautiful cat.

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Freeze sucka 
When I point at her, this is how she reacts.

YOWLER from Arlington 
I rescued YOWLER when she was less than 4 weeks old. She is a sandpaper kisser and I love it. Has had a lot of health issues, but I pray that she is on …

Our new decoration 
Louis caught halfway up the tree right before it ended up toppling over on its side!!

My Sweet George <3 
I was searching for a pet. I was thinking of getting a dog. I researched about them and the breeds. I had decided and made my way to a local shelter …

My Christmas Melody :) 
Another new member to the family. Say hello to Melody. :) In case you missed her, here's Amy .

Our Turkish Delight 
This is Amy (8 months). We're still not sure as to what breed she is, but we think she could be a Turkish Van. She certainly shows all the characteristics …

My new son 
I adopted him this afternoon and I pick him up tomorrow afternoon. I have the name Alistar in mind but still open to suggestions.

Buster worn out from playing 
After playing with his rollyball for about 15 minutes and then practicing his pounce attacks with his stuffed fish. He goes back into catnap mode. Buster …

The secret to long life 
Henley is 16 years old and has the energy and demeanor of a young cat. No special diet, no vitamins, only love and always being treated with respect and …

They live to be together.

My cat Sophie 
Here is a picture of my 9 month old female Maine Coon kitty named Sophie! She likes to play with the water in the kitchen sink and she did have a lot fun …

Thumper from Colorado 
The mother and her started appearing in the back yard. We have two black cats. We started feeding them (unapproachable). We got them closer and closer. …

My smudgy nose! 
Charlie was about 5 weeks old when I found him down by the river. He's now my big, happy kitty!

Sweet Hope 
I rescued Hope when she was just a week old, and bottle fed her until she was old enough to eat on her own. I named her Hope because she had a sibling …

Pretty Raina 
This is my pretty girl Raina. She showed up on the steps of my work on December 21, 2011 and slept there for 2 days. I was going home on the 23rd for …

The gang's all here! 
These are my 4 inside babies. They, too were all born outside by a stray. Now I have a total of 8 feral and my 4 inside babies. All 8 outside cats never …

Angel from Sydney 
Angel loves flowers! Especially roses!

Our kitten Summer 
We got Summer last Thursday. She's so cute and funny.

Arthur Onions having a nosy at the world 
This is my boy Arthur Onions in his big bed having a nosy at the world before getting up. He is so sweet he looks like a tiger. I love him. hahah xxx

Dinner Time for Arthur 
This my beautiful cat Arthur Onions waiting for his dinner. As you can see, he is gorgeous. Arthur was a gift from my boyfriend and was presented to …

Mister B 
This is Bailey also known as Mister B because sometimes he is just too regal for his first name! He is master of the house and understands nothing beyond …

The Mighty Cat: Brave Protector of Ducklings 
Jessica Ann is the local protector of the wild ducks that choose this area to breed. She stands guard over the ducklings against other cats and even dogs. …

Sutty my cat 
My cat, Sutty is always hungry and walking about.

Picture: Missy and her latest box 
This is Miss Edith Belle Beauty. Miss Edith is an ode to a favorite author and a doll in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Belle just flowed nice and Beauty …

Picture: Hangin' Around 
My cat (Morgan Freeman) loves to sit in weird places, so one day I put him in a plastic bag and carried him around in it and he absolutely loved it. …

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Picture: Jonesy and Maggie 
Here are both of my rescues kitties. Jonesy is the orange tabby cat. She was found in a dumpster along with her brothers/sisters. When I saw her at …

Picture: Linus AKA Joe, panther boy 
Linus is my 8 year old male cat. He has one of those urinary problems, so he has to eat special food. He knows he's not supposed to eat the other cat's …

Picture: Winney the Tormentor 
I rescued 5 outdoor kittens last year and ended up keeping them ALL. The following year, the mother of my kitties gave birth to two more females. I …

Picture: Happy Valentines Day! 
Gray Wilder was rescued when he was about 5 weeks old in 6 inches of snow. He was afraid and very hungry. I took him in and he will be 24 years old in …

Picture: Sylvester's Debut Performance :) 
Sylvester is 13 and showed up at my door as a kitten every morning when I came in from the Morning Show I was on. At the time I was a Concert Pianist, …

Picture: Nermy in the sun 
I don't have a cat, this is my brother's. Kindest cat you'll meet. Likes to pose, seems like she knows when to stay still! Editor's note: Wow, stripes …

Picture of Oreo 
Oreo was an outside cat which I brought inside. She is a sweet little girl.

My Fluffy Man <3 
I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 16 yrs old and had just moved in with my mom in Missouri for the first time in my whole life. I was in a new …

Picture: Seymour 
This is Seymour. He came to us as a stray about a year ago. This big boy has made quite an impact on our hearts and he's the only one of our cats that …

Picture: Angel Baby 
This is my sweet Angel and she was just laying on the newspaper on the bed looking all sweet and innocent. Editor's Note: Thank you, Angi, for submitting …

Picture: Sleeping on the job 
This is my Sweetpea. I'm not sure what breed she is, but she is just about the sweeetest thing... although she's sleeping on her watch in this pic.

Milo hanging out on the lanai 
Milo is a non-pedigree Turkish Angora. He is a very affectionate and intelligent cat that is always full of energy. He loves being outside on the lanai …

Pictures: My Little Jinx 
Hello! My name is JINXY and I'm a very energetic and sweet kitty. I was born in April, 2011. I love to play with ALL that's in the room. :D I also love …

How did I get into this? 
Hi, my name is Angel Kitten. Here I was so excited to get out on a nice spring day that I jumped into a bit of trouble. Before I was done, I managed …

Pictures of Trouble 
Trouble was rescued right when his eyes opened from my roommate's mother's house. The mother cat always has tons of babies and at the time we only grabbed …

Zoe Loves tuna! 
Any time a tuna can is opened in our house Zoe goes crazy! This is her sneaking in a couple bites!

Pictures of Meow 
Found her outside our house and took her in. She gave birth to four beautiful kittens out of which one passed away, one is with us and two of them I gave …

Picture of Pigu 
Found a cat outside my house and I took her in. She gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens. This is one of them. He was the different one from the rest three. …

He has the most incredible blue eyes and he loves nose kisses!!!

Bookitty came to us at 2 weeks old. His mother was killed by a dog near where I worked in a warehouse where cats were used to keep the rat population down. …

Still a STAR 
This is Star, my neighbor's kitty. Star would hang at my house with me and the 2 outside kitties all day while his folks were away from the house. On …

Happy Easter from Spooky! 
Spooky tolerated my picture taking of her on various "holidays" and did her best to pose. This is her last Easter picture, 2010. I can just imagine her …

Sally Jean Millsaps 
I found her on a bridge with ice on her fur and not eating on her own. I took her home and carried her in my pocket and fed her with a bottle until she …

Buddy the Bear! 
When I was lonely and no women in my life a woman gave me this beautiful cat as a baby. I never had a cat, but we became friends rather quickly. Buddy …

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Calico Cat Pictures 
Cali was found in a neighbor's backyard. She was only about 4 weeks old and no mother to be found. I took her in and got her to a vet. She had ring worm …

Cute Cat Big Felix Picture 
Felix is our beautiful cat we got from a rescue house in Westfield, Indiana. I had been looking for a cat for about 3 years and saw him on their website. …

The Snowcat 
Long before this picture was taken, I nicknamed Abby "Snowcat" because of her coloring. This picture justifies the name, dontcha think???

Teddie Cat Between The Sheets 
Warm sheets make great napping spots. Teddie is one of the funniest characters I've ever met. She loves laundry, especially the warm stuff. The warmer …

Femke 🐾 from the Netherlands Not rated yet
She likes to be in the studio.

Plastinigen Myedon from QLD Not rated yet
We love this li'l ol' cat.

Sleeping cat Not rated yet

2 brothers and needless to say, best friends Not rated yet
These Two Brothers were rescued from a farm and turned 3 years old in March of this year. The Main Coon (Or so we think he is, he has the "M" on his forehead) …

Pumpkin lover Not rated yet
Since last Halloween, Mel tries to “carve” any pumpkin she finds available.

My sweet furry Bean Not rated yet
My cat is cute.

Beautiful Ragdoll cat, Silk Not rated yet
She is a 5-year-old female Ragdoll cat we adopted from a rescue shelter when she was just 4 months old. Silk is a very sassy girl and likes to explore. …

New babies Not rated yet
We adopted these three siblings from a local farm. They were very young. No mom as she left them once they were found in the hay bails. They are the sweetest …

Moossia watching birds on the balcony Not rated yet
Moossia is a rescue from a small Byelorussian village of Porechye. She was a week old, tiny and sweet. We live in Grodno. She is four now, still sweet …

Sunbathing Russian Blue Not rated yet
Russian Blue cat loves the sun coming in the window.

Stray brothers from Newark Not rated yet
Strays that I have fed for two years now. I can hold them but they will not let anyone else near them.

The Doodle from Georgetown Not rated yet
Oski Doodle came to us in 2009, along with his friend Suzanne. They appeared out of the woods behind our house. Oski was so very, very wary of everyone …

Jacob from Tucson Not rated yet
I rescued Jakey from the Hermitage Cat Shelter and sanctuary. After about a year we're now best buddies and inseparable. He is the most loving cat I've …

Merry Christmas to all from Amy, Melody and Sonic Not rated yet
To all cats and cat lovers. Have a safe Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. :) From Amy, Melody and Sonic

Another Christmas Pose Not rated yet
Melody likes to have her picture taken. Merry Christmas to all cats and cat lovers. Have a great and safe one. From, Melody.

Miss Pepper is the boss Not rated yet
This is pepper she is 14 years old. I have had her since she was 7 weeks old. She is a Persian. I was one of those people who paid a lot of money at the …

Alex and Charlie Not rated yet
Alex and Charlie were both adopted, and they have fit in well with my other 6 cats!!!! They are both so adventurous and love playing and sitting in their …

Our Boo is the Master Not rated yet
Boo is our cat and 'Chubs' is his nickname. He's 8 years old and the love of our hearts! Spoiled but not a brat. He just gets his way and is a very cool, …

Max hanging out Not rated yet
Loves letting it all hang out.

Gabby Wants Out Not rated yet
I do not let my cats outside. But this little one thinks scaling the screen door may help somehow.

My king Birdy the cat Not rated yet
We rescued him from the tree, that's why that's his name.

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Miss Vanity from Tongie Not rated yet
Vanity came to me in 2000. Her previous owner did not want her anymore because she couldn't play nice with the other pets. But Vanity and I became instant …

Mr. Mow and Tuxedo Not rated yet
I have 2 cats, a Maine Coon and a short haired cat. The Maine Coon's name is Mr. Mow. He is black and grey with big green eyes. He's so very playful and …

Splodge being cute Not rated yet
Splodge was born with us. Her mother Isis is a rescue cat. Splodge is a Tom boy. She is convinced she's still a kitten. Trouble seems to find her wherever …

Isis paws from Sheffield Not rated yet
Isis was found wandering in the cold October rain 9 years ago this year. We tried to find her owner but no one came forward, so we decided to adopt her. …

Kole from Michigan Not rated yet
Kole is a new addition to our family. She is sweet and shy and loves to hang with our other cats, Jasper and Hope. She has been adjusting to our family …

Droopy eyes Not rated yet
This is our cat, Mayaw. He loves staying on the roof... as you can see he made the tree as his ladder for climbing up and down... We called him mayaw …

My overly ornery Tinker Not rated yet
I had lost my red tabby, Tigie. Awhile after loosing him, my daughter called me from the vet's office. She said "Mom you've got to come see this little …

Gino from South Africa Not rated yet
My little angel boy Gino is one of five. The mother came from a shelter and when I got her she was pregnant. I kept all the little ones and they are …

My sweet daughter Not rated yet
Miyala is the name of the kitten. I have had the family for generations, and care for her grandmother, mother and now her. Whenever I leave the house …

Like a statue Not rated yet
Whatnot is her name... she has to hide from one of the other cats... she matches our walls and couch. We couldn't find her. She was right in front of …

Tator from Battlement Mesa Not rated yet
My cat, Tator loves to get into the empty case of bottled water. So I took this picture as proof. I hope you enjoy it. Pam

Beddy bye-bye! Not rated yet
I bottle-raised Zen (mama cat) and her brothers and sister. Their mother was a feral barn cat that I had been feeding daily. I didn't see her for a …

Hi! I'm MisterMiau Not rated yet
I'm an 8 eight year old cat from Guayaquil, Ecuador. I like to play very much and I love my human family so much. Bye!

Jasper the trouble maker Not rated yet
We have had Jasper for two years. He is a very sweet cat but he can be mischievous and he is always knocking things over with his tail. Jasper had a …

Getting vertical Not rated yet
Tommy Tucker sang for his supper. Jacob just has to dance a little to get his Pounce treat. My dad didn't think a cat could do that so I took the picture, …

Our newest family member Misha Not rated yet
Our newest family member Misha who we rescued a few months ago. This sweet baby girl loves to sit on the ledge in the master bath every morning while …

Achilles teaching his older brother how to party Not rated yet
This is Achilles when he was about 2 months old. I was cleaning up after a party and I noticed that he was sitting by a beer can the whole time until his …

Baby Bencer Not rated yet
This is my little man Spencer (black cat). He is the kitten of my rescue, Raina (also pictured). You'll notice I titled this picture baby bencer. It's …

Handsome Dexter Not rated yet
This is my beautiful boy! Lazing around!

Phat Freddy Not rated yet
Freddy is so freakin' cute and very social. He loves to eat and doesn't stop meowing until you feed him. He is so precious.

Belle and Summer Not rated yet
This is Belle checking on Summer, after all the hissing she did when she first saw her.

Nancy and Jack from Mableton Not rated yet
Nancy and Jack are probably the best kitties I have ever had. They're one year old sister and brother. I've had them since they were 4 weeks <3. They're …

Nap Time For Baby Not rated yet
This is my baby... Possum... napping with his stuffed animal Mousy. Guess you can tell why he was named Possum.

This is Nicholas Not rated yet
This is my BOO BOO Kitty!

Sweet Pea and Muffin Not rated yet
Sweet Pea is my first and youngest girl (1 year), and Muffin is my second girl (19 months). They are the loves of my life! I am so blessed that they came …

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Will the real Miss Kitty please stand up? Not rated yet
Hi - I'm a Maine Coon and I have a very curious and friendly personality. I love people and am very inquisitive. My owner takes me outside on a harness …

Little Girl drinks and sleeps in the tub! Not rated yet
We call her Miss Prissy. She loves drinking water from in the bath tub and then falling asleep in the bathtub while listening to the running water.

Rambo, a People Friendly Rescue Tabby Not rated yet
This is Rambo. He is a four year old Maine Coon which I found in the local animal shelter. He is the apple of my eye and a people person all the way. …

Watching and waiting and hoping and praying Not rated yet
Jonesy has a blog which he shares with his owner (or servant depending on who you're talking to) called Mr. Vinegar. Once a week Jonesy puts aside a few …

My little tortie Cynder Not rated yet
She is my constant companion. She picked me almost 4 years ago. She's funny, loving, weird, and her favorite sport is fetch. You throw her mouse and she …

I love my big sister Not rated yet
This is Queen Tiger Lilly and her half brother Leo.

Resting Tiger Not rated yet
This is Crustytina, or Crusty. I saved her from a gas station parking lot when she was too small to hiss. She bonded with me in about a week and the rest …

That's right. I know I'm cool. Not rated yet
Andy wants to "help" when I am on the computer. Editor's note: Thanks for sharing, Jessica! Andy is adorable and a lot of help to you, I'm sure. :) …

Tabby Cat Pictures Not rated yet
My cat is a 5 month old cream colored, mackerel tabby, with tiger strips. His name is Butter Cup! He was waiting for a treat when I took this (first) …

Picture: Poppy the Traveler Not rated yet
This is my little princess Poppy. I'm currently traveling in Australia and found her at my old job. She was so dirty and matted and absolutely terrified …

Smoky and Token Not rated yet
I got Smoky when he was a kitten and about a week or 2 later I got his brother, Token. I still have both cats. They are indoor cats and they sleep on …

Picture: The triplets Not rated yet
This is a picture of our three baby kitties. Tiger is in the foreground, Harmony is in the middle, and Louis is on the right. They are about 3 months …

Picture: Buck SGT. Mr. Kitty Not rated yet
Cat came home from Afghanistan. He was a mine sniffing kitty. He was disfigured in a chow line incident. He suffers from PTSD by gorging his way to …

Picture: Yoda the Cat Not rated yet
Can sum1 plz check if I iz clean? Editor's note: What a pose! Thanks for sharing, Mohan. -Kurt P.S. Yoda -- U look furry clean 2 me aifinkso.

Picture: I'm watching you! Not rated yet
This is Gizmo, my 6 year old Persian. Whenever I watch TV he sits on the opposite side of the coffee table to stare at me. Editor's note: Now that …

Picture: Take The Fives Not rated yet
Yoda, our Japanese Bobtail Calico loves to watch us play Farkle2 on FB. Always interested in the computer screen. Editor's note: Yoda has a front row …

Pictures of Louie Not rated yet
Louie is my 13 year old daughter's cat. He is 5 years old and loves to have his picture taken. Editor's note: Thank you, Pam, for sharing those pictures …

Picture: My name is Egypt Not rated yet
Picture of Egypt relaxing on the bed... she is a very playful kitten but very serious looking. Editor's note: Hello Egypt! You're a beautiful kitten …

What type of kitten is she? Not rated yet
I got beautiful sisters, black kittens. I want to know what kind they are. Editor's note: Good question, Trish. When we talk about types of cats, at …

Picture of Pepper Not rated yet
This is a picture of Pepper the tabby cat. Editor's note: Thanks Chelle for submitting this pic. It looks like possibly there's a bit of Egyptian Mau …

Picture of Poppy Not rated yet
Spanish one-eater. This is my cat Poppy :) Editor's note: Thanks, Heather, for submitting that picture. What a face! "My what a big tongue you have, …

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