Siamese Cat Videos: Are You Meezer Crazy?

There are a number of Siamese cat videos on Youtube, and thought maybe you'd like to see some of them. With their cleverness, those striking blue eyes, and pointed color patterns, these smart felines crave attention and usually get it.

These cats are big talkers, and that drives some people crazy. While all cats are different, if you're considering adopting you should watch these so you know what behaviors you might expect from your new kitty.

Everyone goes through phases, and I guess I've gone Meezer crazy myself. Please enjoy...

Lap Time Playtime

This kitten is way too cute, but watch out for the those kitten teeth and those kitten claws. They're like needles!

Old Yowler

Here's an example of a raspy Siamese yowl...

Dualing Yowlers

Oh wait, a miniature version of that yowl. Well, two, actually...

Big Talker

Here's another big talker. No surprise, of course...

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Here is a fearless kitten...

The Voice

What a powerful voice!

You Brought Me Flowers!

A plant eater and a talker...

Chat Me Up

Cats will often chatter when they're excited. I've mostly seen this behavior directed towards birds. This cat does a combo meow-chatter over a toy...

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