Featured Kitties for June, 2015

Say meow to the featured cats for June, 2015. These pictures were all contributed by visitors who want to show off their babies. Enjoy and show them some love!

Not a Care

Mittens. Such a hard life!!!

~Raychel Devin Salcedo

Mittens relaxing

Them Peepers

Max and his heart melting eyes!

~Jordan Sullivan

Max the tabby and white

May I Tuck You in?

Her name is Hazel.

~Ahmad Ragheb Ghaith

Hazel all comfy


Mason, 6 months old.

~Heather Ramos

Mason posing

Coco Snoozing after Clash of Clans

My cat "Coco" having a tiring day playing CoC.

~Mac Mac

Coco the orange tabby

Passed Out

My little Tomy sleeping.

~Andjela Dancetovic

Tomy the tabby


From left to right: Princess and Flash. :) Kisses from Italy.

~Laura Dejuan

Princess and Flash

Spoil Me

My new baby Imogen! She is so spoiled. She has a hand made bed, hand made collar, and a play maze made of boxes! She loves being brushed and staring out the window.

~Anie Carpenter

Imogen the black and white

Presenting... the King!

King of the Castle - and four-legged love of my life.

~Renée Keet


Kitty Love

Tons of love from my baby Crocus.

~Dajana Aritonoska

Crocus the tabby and white

Livin' the Dream

My 3 year old little boy!!

~Nikky Bogiatzoglou

Black and white kitty stretch

Let's Play!

This is Pepper! This is where he sits when he is ready to play fetch!!

~Jill Wilson

Pepper the black and white

Tiger the Charmer

My Tiger baby. <3

~Puja Sapien

Tiger the tabby

Kisses for Kisses

His name is Kisses.

~Inkz Gomez

Kisses the cat

Where Does a Cat Sleep?

This is my Maggie. She will sleep anywhere except her cat bed.

~Suzy Smith

Maggie the gray


Our new kitten, Squeaks. He is 6 weeks and 3 days old. He's already a spoiled little critter.

~Beatrice Hise‎

Squeaks the tabby kitten

So Tired

This is Tig Tog, my gorgeous ginger girl with a very big yawn!!! Xxx

~Samantha Quick

Tig Tog the orange and white tabby

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