I'd Rather Be... Watching Funny Cat Videos

Looking for a better way to avoid work? Trying to put off that latest project your boss wants you to tackle because you're not sure where to start and were given vague instructions?

Funny cat videos to the rescue!

Or perhaps you should be doing some house cleaning but you're in vacuum avoidance mode? Cats can certainly relate to that.

If you're afraid of the vacuum, though, you may just be a cat yourself.

Check for paw pads, and the urge to:

1) Sit on the kitchen counter top for no apparent reason.
2) Urinate on sandy surfaces.
3) Drink milk from a bowl.

Whether you're feline or human and no matter the reason you're here, here is a compilation of funny cat videos for you to view. From boredom, to the pain of a recent breakup to bunions on your toes these vids can cure whatever plagues you.

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Cat Playing with Mac Laptop

Toilet Trained Cat

How to Stop a Cat Fight

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Merlin Solves a Puzzle 
I like this because he is my cat, and I'm proud of him. He's also smarter than most baby humans, since they would just give up trying to get the treats …

Suddenly Misty - A Love Story 
Latte, the Handsome Himalayan, was alone... that is, until Ms. Misty suddenly showed up. Latte was handsome, but still alone... Suddenly... …

Botje The Cat 
This is a series of videos I made myself. I put in a lot of love and I enjoy making them. I hope you do too! YouTube

Does My Cat Love Me? (Comedy Short Film) 
In this short comedy film, Lynyrd the cat explains what cats are really thinking about, and how they really feel about their owners... YouTube …

Cat Vertical Stretch Compilation 
Weird cat stretches upwards on her two legs! This is the next step of the cats evolution towards bipedal! Watch out humans! Watch on YouTube …

Kitten Milk Bath Fail 
Generally speaking, we know that cats love milk and hate baths. We also know that many cats are lactose intolerant and shouldn't drink milk, and yet, they're …

The Ambush Bed 
Short, funny action packed video of a kitten ambushing adult cats. Watch on YouTube Editor's note: Cute! Thank you for sharing, Sue! -Kurt …

SuperStorm Cat 
Hi there, My name is Jay, and I just uploaded a cat video I've been working on. Not sure if you want to post it or not, but here's the link. It's my …

Video: Vic the Cat in Whas That? 
Vic is an unpredictable, yet friendly cat that loves to play hide-and-go seek all day long. I don't see a video link form (just graphic). I posted the …

Video: Cute Kitten Loves Bunny 
Because it's my little Amelia as a baby. I found her abandoned in the woods when I was 16 and she was almost 3 weeks old. My old computer that had the …

Video - Cat vs Alligator 
It's the domestic cat vs the alligator in a battle of the fiercest. Predatory mammal vs predatory reptile. Who will back down?! The cat's …

Talking Cats Video 
This "talking cats video" has two versions, one being the "translation" of the other. So, we've got cat speak with a couple of kitties chortling and meowing …

Border Collies Can't Herd Cats 
Border Collies can't herd cats, but they can herd sheep like crazy. This is actually my favorite non-cat video for the day, extreme electric sheep herding …

The CATerpillar -- Alternative To The Purrito 
The CATerpillar is the alternative to the purrito . I can has cocoon and turn into a CATerfly? I can has more funny cat videos? Here is your Furry …

Asia The Cat - Chasing Laser Light 
This is a video I produced featuring my new kitten, Asia. Asia is a rescue kitten. She was found abandoned in a field with a serious case of ear mites …

Big Cat Rescue Christmas 2009 
"It's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid." The Big Cat Rescue Christmas festivities are on. The very large kitties over there are enjoying turkey …

Maru Slides Into The Box 
Maru is a funny cat. In this video (I think I've seen more than one of him doing this, and this is version 2), he tries to get inside this box by running …

Happy Birthday Kitten 
Hi, I have recently started making funny birthday video greetings, and being both a cat and a dog lover (albeit an allergic one) I am making them and …

Tuxedo Bobby In "Hey, You, Get Offa' My Toy" 
It features our cat Bobby, a giant tuxedo cat with an amazing tail, who loves to play, but doesn't like to share, and his sister Lacey who wants to play …

Video: Cats with Sass 
Sassy mama tries to deal with her curious kittens... and a giant baby! The voice overs make the whole thing! Watch on YouTube: Cats with Sass …

Scuba Diving Cat 
Hawkeye, the Scuba Diving Cat and his pal Mutley the dog each had 15 minutes of fame a while back. This cat and dog odd couple take naps together, swim …

Ghost Cat Stars In "Paranormal Cattivity" 
You see, this is what I don't like about the whole funny cat picture/funny cat video thing. You just never really know what's going on. Is "Ghost Cat" …

Cute Cat Twitching a LOT While Asleep Not rated yet
Because they're so cute when they're asleep, and it's really funny watching them twitch.

These Kittens Arriving at KittenTown Make for Pawsitively Adorable Cat Television Not rated yet
All of the kittens in this video were adopted after a news story was done on the production of Kitten TV! Kittens arriving at KittenTown in hot "hair" …

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Ninja Kitty Machine Gun Kick Not rated yet
I hear you knocking, kitty, but you can't come in! Cat: "Knock knock." Human: "Who's there?" Cat: "The cats, dummy." Human: "The cats who?" …

Kitten attacks cat with tent Not rated yet
The combination of cuteness and David-Attenborough style commentary makes this an awesome watch! Watch on YouTube: Kitten attacks cat with …

Video: Kitty Buddha Not rated yet
Absolutely sweet kitten, Scottish Fold/Siamese Mix sitting in Buddha position :) Watch on YouTube: Kitty Buddha Editor's note: The original …

Video: Why you should adopt a pet Not rated yet
Watch on YouTube: Adopt a pet

Video: F1 Savannah Growling and Hissing Not rated yet
This is a beautiful F1 Savannah cat. It has both spots and stripes and is very rare. He makes some crazy noises. Watch on YouTube: F1 Savannah …

Video: Peaches the cat singing Not rated yet
This is our baby cat Peaches aka PechoPecho singing her favorite song! Pacha peecho pacha peech! LOL Editor's note: I must say, Peaches has quite the …

The Cuddly Friends Collection Not rated yet
Editor's note: Thank you for sharing these videos of your very adorable cats! They're quite the playful pair, and they both have very interesting coloration …

Video: Mischief wake up call (Link) Not rated yet
I think it (this video) sums up a moment for many cat owners, and I love her rolling her eyes at me, at the end. The music works well too, if I say so …

Video: Tabby the Tabby Cat Not rated yet
Tabby is an 11 year old tabby cat that has been by my side since he was 8 months old. He is shy around others and incredibly lovable with me. These …

Video: Amazing Kimicat opens doors! Not rated yet
My Kimicat knows how to open the kitchen doors and now she just won't stop! LOL Watch on YouTube

Video: DJ Katnipz Not rated yet
I like this video because it's hilarious. I've never seen a DJ Kitty play dubstep! Watch on YouTube

Video: Cat Driver Not rated yet
I like this cat video because it's so funny! Watch on YouTube

Video: Rascally Reuben Not rated yet
This video is original because there is a story written in addition to cute video footage of a kitty. You have to make sure to have your volume turned …

Video: Kitty Chow Mein Not rated yet
Why I like this video: Because it always seems to freak people out to see this many cats crowding around the back door to a Chinese place even after they …

Video: Funny Cat Flips Not rated yet
The flipping was hilarious to watch and the cheezy music in the background matched the action almost perfectly. Watch the Funny Cat Flips video on …

I kissed a dolphin Not rated yet
I kissed a dolphin and I liked it, and apparently so did the cat in this video. You never know what's going to happen when animals get together, but this …

Dirty Paws: Fat Cowboy Cat Not rated yet
This cat is so adorably cute and such a good actor! The video tells such a good story of how the cat watches the movie, falls asleep, and dreams of being …

Video - Clash of the Titans: Battle Cats Not rated yet
Very creative, excellent video, hilarious cats. Watch Clash of the Titans: Battle Cats video on Youtube

Video - Cat vs Ceiling Fan Not rated yet
It is unique, creative, and very entertaining. Watch Cat vs Ceiling Fan video on Youtube

Memoirs of the Victorian Cat Not rated yet
This cat video submission, titled Memoirs of the Victorian Cat, came through with only the title and the text "Cute nostalgia." It was without the embed …

HOOTe CAT & the chipper in "YUM"! Not rated yet
Watch on YouTube What cat doesn't dream about having fun with a chipmunk? Funny video from my perspective, and a bit of insight from the chip! …

Roomba Cat vs. Pit Bull Not rated yet
I saw this "desperate house cat" video on MSNBC news "It's the Economy" with Contessa Brewer. It turns out to be Max-Arthur, the same cat in the other …

Maru the Cat Not rated yet
Maru the Cat is a feline of few words, but big action. His bio on Twitter, for example, simply says: "I am Maru. A cat." You said it, Maru. Maru has …

Steve McQueen Stars As McGyver Cat Not rated yet
I saw this on the Huffington Post and I see it's being tweeted around. You have to like cats, of course, but you also have to be familiar with McGyver …

Suprised kitty - the cutest kitten video? Not rated yet
Surprised kitteh is surprised! This was posted on BoingBoing and referenced a tweet by Sean Bonner about it being the best 17 seconds …

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Nora Piano Cat Not rated yet
Have you seen Nora the piano cat? The site would be lacking something without adding this video or at least mentioning her. Nora the piano playing cat …

Puffington Proper Paws, The Cat Who Loved Christmas Not rated yet
This whole thing began with a Christmas song writing contest on this website: Quick Stop Entertainment ... I also wanted to make a video for the song, …

Cutest Kitten Ever! Not rated yet
If you love cats, you'll love this video!

Maru Lounges on His Back Not rated yet
Here's one of Maru lounging on his back. He certainly enjoys his lounging time and is definitely one relaxed cat. If he does this a lot, …

Funny Cats Montage Not rated yet
Watch it, you're sure to have a good meowing time!

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Available for sale: One slightly used laptop...

And here is the new iPad Cat Toy.

Below, you can see how strong the instinct is to try to cover the urine up. There's no litter or dirt, and the urine is in the toilet, but this cat can't help but make the motions for covering up. And watch how she squints her eyes at the end...

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Hold on to your kibbles, this one's kind of gross. This kitten just can't stay awake!

Even more videos...

Adorable Tired Kitten Can't Stay Awake

Marmalade the Cat vs the Toilet Paper

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Ipad Cat Toy


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Mama Cat Adopts Orphaned Bunny

This next cat is one deep sleeper. Talk about "dead to the world!"

My cats have always talked a lot, and I always thought it was because they were talked to so much. Siamese, however, are known for being talkers, and this one is no exception.

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