Featured Kitties for January, 2015

Say meow to the featured cats for January, 2015. These pictures were all contributed by visitors who want to show off their babies. Enjoy and show them some love!

We Need to Talk

My boy Riko.

~Alexandros Filippou

Riko the tabby

No More Mondays

Timmy, who hates waking up as much as I do.

~Alexandria Jade Pickersgill

Timmy hates Monday mornings

Spots and Stripes

This is my 6 month old Bengal "Rexx."

~Amy Lynn

Rexx the Bengal

Smudge is on the Mend

Smudge has brain damage from a possible stroke, yet he's trying to rebound through great vet care and love at home... indeed he's one special cat.

~Annee Lowe

Update on Smudge: Smuge is doing better and his lab results show improvement. Unfortunately, he's been diagnosed with FIP.


Tarzan of the Jungle

This is my little special man Tarzan.

~Flobrey A Garrett

Tarzan the tabby

The Queen has Arrived

This is my Cleopatra, a sun loving pussy cat from Auckland, New Zealand.

~Alejandro Fernandez Allende

Cleopatra the tabby

New Beauties

Our two new beauties Belle and Binx.

~Amy Robertshaw

Belle and Binx

The Eyes Have It

His name is Mr. Madison.

~Sabina Ernest

Mr. Madison

Funny Sleeper

How Lily's baby sleeps.

~Aurely Cortes

How Lily's baby sleeps

And the Princess

My little princess Elsa! Shes a four month old with thumbs! Does anyone know what the bread could be?

~Molly Mackenzie

Princess Elsa the tabby kitten

A Tisket, A Tasket

Look who's in the basket.

~Carrie Marie Glover

Tabby in a basket

I Heart You

My Blacky and my Baggu.

~Ayesha Shiekh

Blacky and Baggu

Sammy the Tabby

My little girl Sammy.

~Gûrîa Mälîk

Sammy the tabby

Lazy Lounger

My cat Jerry!

~Josie Marie Kohler

Jerry the tabby

Is it Chow Time?

Dexter at five months old.

~Lauryn Genardo

Dexter the gray

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