Count Dracula

by Diane
(Brooklyn, NY)

Will the real Dracula please stand up

Will the real Dracula please stand up

Count Dracula is truly The Cat From Hell, but he is loved and adored. After losing Handsome, I was intent on getting a cat that resembled him and placed an ad online.

The ad was answered by New Yorkers for Companion Animals, who said they had the cat I was looking for.

Yes, he was a huge, rugged, long-haired male tuxedo they assured me. They called him "Richard the Lionhearted." I was able to view his photo online. He was *exactly* what I was looking for.

When I asked why his eyes were narrow slits, they said that it was a bad photo. A day later, he was delivered to my office. I peeked into the carrier and was overjoyed. He sure was big and regal.. and he had silky, long fur.

I left the office early and took him home in a taxi. As soon as we arrived home, I removed him from the carrier and that is when the growling began. Before I had a chance to wonder why he was growling, his fangs were embedded in my arm and his eyes, once again, were two narrow slits.

He still bites and growls constantly and his eyes are still narrowed to slits most of the time. Why? Because he is one angry cat. Count Dracula (as I named him) does not want to be cuddled... hence the growling and biting.

It has taken many years, but he has taken a 99% turn-around. Happily, he has become my constant friend and companion. He is forever at my side, purring away like mad, and follows me from room to room so that I am never out of his sight.

He enjoys sitting at the computer while I work, all the time keeping one paw on my hand as I move the mouse.

So why do I say a "99%" turn-around? Because when I do something that he doesn't like, such as trying to comb knots from his long fur, he reverts to day one: He begins to growl, his eyes narrow even more, and then he sinks his fangs into me for the kill... all the while growling like there is no tomorrow.

Visit him, but enter quietly and at your own risk as this cat does not like company.

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count dracula
by: dee

So glad you never gave up on him

Lady Minoush
by: lina mahmassani

Lord Dracula has many traits in common with my Minoush-"Lady Minoush." She too does not like to be cuddled, and snarls and bites whenever I attempt to cuddle or comfort her. She keeps to herself and does not like company. She is now 25 yrs. old and has been with me since she was 3 wks. old.

She has been attached to me through the years, though she does not show it. I love her dearly, in spite of everything.

My second cat, Casper (13 yrs. old), is very sociable, and loves to be cuddled all the time. He comes to me when I am having my morning coffee and follows me around the house when I'm working.

Many many years ago when I was still in school, I had a cat named Smokey. He used to sit on my book while I was studying and came between me and the radio while listening to it. He wanted my attention all to himself.

I am writing all this because it seems Count Dracula has the traits and personality of all three cats mentioned above.

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