Featured Kitties for March, 2014

Say meow to the featured cats for March, 2014. These pictures were all contributed by visitors who want to show off their babies. Enjoy and show them some love!

It's a Conundrum!

"Please meet Kit Conundrum. 

If I could, I'd take her everywhere with me. Without her I cannot sleep. I've never met a cat so involved with their human. I am constantly tripping over her as she follows me around like a dog. I love her to pieces. She is all black but in certain light you can see stripes. Had to share my best cat friend."

~Sylvie Maclean

Kit Conundrum

Reach for Your Toes

Afrooz Ahmadi's Pishi.

Pishi sleeping

Lilo and Lulu

Lilo, the Garfield look alike, and Lulu, (Tricolor) from AnnaMaria Cruz.

Lilo the tabby

Litto and Litta

"Litto and Litta, year old babies adopted from Teterboro shelter in New Jersey. We got these cuties when they were 8 weeks. They are brother and sister."

~Daniel Erazo

Litto and Litta

Sinbad, Guardian of the Laptop

"This is Sinbad. Someone abandoned him. He chose me by laying on my car daily until I brought him in. Best decision ever!"

~Kim Lawrence

Sinbad the black kitty

Trying to Catch some Zzzzzz's

How Shumi sleeps. 

~MC Labilles

Shumi sleeping

Tilly the Tabby

"This is what I woke up to this morning, my beautiful Tilly."

~Michelle Evans

Tilly the tabby

Ginger the Snuggler

"His name is Ginger. He is nearly 15 years old. He is just amazing. He knows whenever someone needs comfort and will be right by your side for snuggles!"

~Veronica Rolink

Ginger the orange tabby


"This is our cat 'Tyga' with his catnip-worm... he's crazy about it."

~V Mariee Jay Jordan

Tyga the tabby

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