Featured Kitties for August, 2015

Say meow to the featured cats for August, 2015. These pictures were all contributed by visitors who want to show off their babies. Enjoy, and show them some love!

Needs No Help from a Jedi

This is Princess Leia... there's no doubt about it, she is a princess!

~Cassandra Metz

Princess Leia

Champion of Naps

Say meow to my sweet boy, Rocky. He is so cute.

~Susanne Scherrer

Rocky the orange tabby

The Bearded Wonder

My unique cat with the best beard ever. This is Lulu. She's a mixed breed whose mother was a Ragdoll.

~Ania Leonard

Lulu and her beard

Being this Cute is Tiring

Bleu, 10 weeks old!

~Donna Sindle

Bleu the kitten

Summer Fun

Jovan enjoys the summer sun.

~Nebojša Đukanović

Jovan the orange tabby

On the Move

Baby Una. Where to?

~Liezel Enrile Santos

Baby Una going for a ride

Weasley's Getting Bigger

Weasley kitten at 2 weeks

This is Weasley. He was two weeks old. (above)

Weasley is very playful and loves to nibble on everything! You can hear little baby purrs. Meow! (below)

~Jaden Renay

Weasley kitten growing up

Her Majesty

Queen Sophie. The laziest and most spoiled cat in the world. She will even wait by the kitchen door until I escort her to her full food bowl.

~Samantha Quick

Queen Sophie the black and white

Brotherly Love

The white one is Bear and the tan colored one is Noah. Noah is one year older than bear. They are Persian cats from the same mom and dad.

~Jeremy Schumacher

Persian cats Bear and Noah

The Pot

In the pot is Leila... all I wanted to do is to make a turkish coffee and all it took was a second to find her like that. :)

~Elena Toma

Leila in the pot

Tired Tabby

No, I'm not tired - rather the opposite in fact!

~Susann Tassotto

Tabby sleeping on plant

Alley Cat No More

Thomas, once an alley cat with a multiplying colony, we rescued and neutered him, and found a rescue group to neuter his "family," too. He is now a very happy housecat.

~Leone Kristina

Thomas the tabby

Rescued from a Dumpster

Luno, rescued from a dumpster

Luno (above) and her sister Noche were left abandoned in a dumpster as kittens, but are now living the good life.

~Alfredo Nigaglioni Acosta

Noche, rescued from a dumpster


His name is Zed.

~Liane Moy

Zed relaxing

Is it Bath Time?

My baby Grissom.

~Nina Dolores

Grissom in the tub

Sleepy Zoey

This is Zoey. She's 4 months old and a mix of Maine Coon cat, with Bengal and Siamese.

~Larissa Abreu

Sleepy Zoey the tabby

Luna the Sassy

This is my sassy baby, Luna.

~Indiah King

Luna the sassy tabby and her human

You Found Me!

This is Ikong. She loved to play hide and seek when she was just 5 months old.

~Run Pelayo Sahipa

Ikong kitten playing hide and seek

The Good Life

This is Sushi. Hard to believe this is the same cat who hid for 2 days when I brought her home. She was rescued from a hoarding situation with 149 other cats.

~Chris McCabe

Sushi relaxing

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