Featured Kitties for June, 2013, Chapter 2

Say meow to another round of beautiful cats for June, 2013. These pictures were all contributed by kitty loving visitors. Enjoy!

Smell My Feet!

This is Gin Engel's "little Tucker!"

Tucker the gray

Did Someone Mention the 'D' Word?

This is my princess Twister. She is 15 years old, and follows me around like a dog!

~Mark Barber

Twister the tabby and white

PURRfect for the Web

Carmen Guinn's Charlotte is a beautiful 7 year old girl, spinning a web of kitty love in the house, no doubt.

Charlotte the calico tabby and white


Margaret Mccabe's Junebug...

Junebug the tabby

I love that name!

Here Fishy Fishy

Nickie DaGraca's Fester (and I asked... "as in, Uncle Fester?" - Yes!) is a 5 year old 17 pounder.

Nickie says "He's 17lbs... I didn't do that to him he is a rescue!!!"

I think he's charging his laser eyes so he can cut through the glass.

Fester the black cat

Sleepy Buddies

Tayler Renee's Mary Jane and Roxy (the little one on the left).

Mary Jane and Roxy

Like a Chainsaw

Or rather, a bear.

"My li'l cuddle buddy Kylee Beth. This li'l booger snores like a bear."

~Michelle Moore

Kylee Beth the tabby snores

A Little Help, Please?

Can someone slow this little creature down, please?

Nickie DaGraca's babies... "Marz and lil hellyin aka lil hell!!!" (With Fester in the background.)

Marz and Lil Hellyin

We Love Shoes!

Brenda Covert's Prince William, with his brother Rambo and sister Dutchess. Shoe lovers!

Kittens Prince William, Rambo and Dutchess

Motherhood is Exhausting!

Brenda Covert's Princess Diana and Pretiness sharing their babies. Mom's have to nap when they can.

Princess Diana and Pretiness with their kittens

Synchronized Sleeping

Barbara Perkins says that you can tell these two cats are brothers because "Leo and Jiggy sleep same way!!"

Leo and Jiggy sleeping

Excuse me?!!

"I ordered the large cappuccino. With extra catnip."

~Katrina Anne's Rudy

Rudy the tabby

...and Shea.

Shea the tabby and white

Mind If I Put My Feet Up?

"My two bundles of fur. Chip and Jax."

~Ian Dummigan

Chip and Jax

Putting His Paw Down

Ahmad Chauhdry's Gudu is putting his paw down and demanding more treats!

Gudu the white

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