Featured Kitties for September, 2014

Say meow to the featured cats for September, 2014. These pictures were all contributed by visitors who want to show off their babies. Enjoy and show them some love!

Too Much Drama

Oh don't bother me it's drama drama.

~Abigail Patterson

Cat wants no drama

18 Years Young

This is my beautiful 18 year old. Spices.

~Ann Roderick

Spiecs the tabby

Help Me Obi-Wan

My 4 month old baby, Obi-Wan Catnobi.

~Angie Holloway‎

Obi-Wan Catnobi the kitten

Leo and Monty

These are my cats Leo (orange) and Monty (gray).

~Alexandra R. Humphreys

Leo the orange tabby
Monty the gray tabby

Bird Watching?

Salem and Iris.

~Amie Cochran‎

Salem and Iris

That's So Retro!

My buddy, Retro.

~Annee Lowe



~Melike Özkan

Fiona the gray and white

Does This Doughnut Make Me Look Fat?

Mr. Fray in a doughnut.

~Asidz Rapae‎

Mr. Fray in a dougnut

Play Misty for Me

This is my kitten Misty!! I love her so much.

~Christine Talbot

Misty the gray and white

Kisses for Charlie

My beautiful baby boy Charlie. x x x x

~Maddy Fuller

Charlie the black cat

Here Comes the Sun

This is Lulu watching the sunrise.

~Haley Crippen

Lulu watching the sunrise

Sweet Oliver

I wanted to share a picture of my sweet Oliver. This is just before we picked him up to cuddle. His love is unconditional and it goes both ways. What a true blessing he is.

~DavidandNatasha Purdy‎

Oliver the tabby and white

Little Blue Eyes

Carter the Siamese kitten.

~Audra Rogers

Carter the Siamese kitten

Ms. Lavender

Spending a rainy day sleeping on the couch. Ms. Lavender.

~Vita Yolanda Dixon‎

Ms. Lavender

Cuddly Lilly

This is our Lilly. ♡ She's 5 and is so cuddly!

~Christina Reichhelt

Lilly the tabby

Sun Bathing Time

My kitties (most of them) basking in the sun in our new home.

~Lana Bradley‎

Kitties enjoying the sun

Finley and Tat

Finley the black and white

(Above) Cheeky little Finley, age 4, a truly unique little man who we've only had since February.

(Below) My beautiful blue fur baby Tat he's 6 years old and just gorgeous.

~Cheryl Dudfield‎

Tat the cat


Kaluha sitting pretty.

~Marjory Ball

Kaluha the Ragdoll

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