The Cats of Christmas 2013

Here are some holiday cats, all contributed by our visitors. Show them some love...

Sarah the cat on a ladder

"Sarah helping decorate the Christmas tree."

~Bernal Milanes

Miss Moe looking cute

"Miss Moe decided if she looked cute I would give her presents to her early. Either that or she wanted to wrap them..."

~Wendy Ovard Bates

Miss Aurora in the Christmas tree

"Miss Aurora has a passion for climbing in the Christmas tree. We usually put up the tree and leave it bare for a week until she gets tired of it. She has thankfully only taken one flying leap into the fully decorated tree in the 5 years we've had her."

~Erin Toepfner

Ozzy in the Christmas tree

"My Ozzy."

~Lorrie Herlihy Boyd

Pickles the cat in the Christmas tree

"My sister's cat, Pickles."

~Ruth Kaylor

Belle in the Christmas tree

"My perfect ornament!!"

~Sithiraporn Prommar

Ms Kittytwo

"Ms Kittytwo says, 'MowE-Kiss-Mouse!' (Merry Christmas in Kittyese)"

~Debra M. Zemke

Jagger kitty in the Christmas spirit

"Jagger is a wonderful Christmas kitty!"

~Lisa Trogdon

Zeus with his decorations

"Don't touch my Christmas decorations. (: ZEUS"

~Kevin Psaila

Rescue kitty in the tree

"After 1 week of having rescued this kitty he and his brother finally found the Xmas tree! Uh oh!!!"

~Amber N Foster

PeiWei under the tree

"PeiWei is behaved when we are not looking."

~Clarisse Peteza May

Chester in the Christmas tree

"Chester saying 'Merry Christmas.' (:"

~Tiffany Cierra Batick

Freedom and the Christmas tree

(Above) "Freedom, my male Maine Coon, I like how the camera made his eyes light up, taken on a previous Christmas. :)"

(Below) "Pixie, she loves Christmas!"

~Cheryl Irvine

Pixie near the Christmas tree

Black kitty in Christmas tree

"My favorite tree ornament."

~Michael R. Wollett

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