Featured Kitties for January, 2014

Say meow to the featured cats for January, 2014. These pictures were all contributed by visitors who want to show off their babies. Enjoy and show them some love!

Lots of Buzz

"My cat (but still kitten to me) Buzz... I can't get enough of his cuteness..."

~Marilou L├ępine-Gougeon

Buzz the orange tabby

Big Boy Sammy

"Sammy has been my constant companion for 7 years. Wherever I am, Sammy will be there. He loves to drink water from the faucet, and he loves ham and chicken. He is a big cat, he weights 17 lbs, but he is still my loving baby."

~L. Page



Damon Carlson's Lizzy...

Lizzy the longhair

The 4th Time's a Charm

"Here is my most recent picture of Mad Max the Comfortable. He is under the misguided impression that we purchased the new sectional for his enjoyment.

Every once in a while he slides off... as he is about to do in this photo. He entertains us... his devoted servants."

Mad Max the tabby

Dr. Dorothy McCoy adopted Mad Max over 2 years ago. "He had been returned to the rescue site three times. He is part Maine Coon cat and weighs in at about 25 pounds."

Perseus the Fluffy

Krista Hales says:

"This is Perseus or 'Percy' for short. He's my adorable fluffy boy!"

Percy the fluffy tabby and white

Sweet Brothers

"Their names are Junior and Thirdy. They are brothers and they are so sweet to each other."

~Apple-Potato Franista

Orange tabby brothers

Best Friends

"The kittens are Ming Ming and Garfield. They were found in a litter of 5. I helped foster them and I kept the two brothers."

~Melanie Zaboski

Ming Ming and Garfield


"Martin from Mallorca. :)"

~Victoria Esther

Martin the tabby

Sun Lovers

"My two babies in daddy's office."

~Ginny Barker

Sun loving kitties

Willie the Rescue Kitty

"This is Willie, our 5 month old rescue."

~Amy Cunningham

Willie the rescue kitty

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