The Thor Collection

Meet Thor, a cat that has made his way into the hearts and minds of many Facebook fans.

He's made a number of appearances on our Facebook page and he's been in Featured Kitties as well.

Thor the tabby with text overlay Meet Thor! A Large Tabby with Catitude!

Will all of this fame go to his head? If so, why am I doing a collection of just, or rather, mostly Thor pictures?

Just for fun! And because he's 15 pounds of pretty irresistible kitty love.

A Thor collage

In true cat fashion, sleeping is a favorite activity.

Thor sleeping

He used to be a baby...

Thor as a kitten in hand

With cute paws...

Thor shows off cute paws

He made a delicious looking purrito. Don't those ears beg to be nibbled on?

Thor as a tabby purrito

He showed us that even Norse gods need cuddles...

Thor being cuddled by mama

Now he's a big baby, and sometimes he needs his mama when he forgets to wash behind his ears.

Tika and Thor

Thor on Facebook

Thor has been well received on our Facebook page, showing off some of the things he likes to do, or just looking adorable.

He's into gardening...

He can be demanding, too...

More Things to Know about Thor

He has the power of enormous cuteness...

Thor in the cat trap looking cute

He dreams of being Supercat and flying through the air...

The Supercat pose

And, he's available in a convenient travel pouch...

Thor in the bag
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