Picture: Take The Fives

by Elizabeth
(Defiance, OH, USA)

Take the fives, lady.

Take the fives, lady.

Yoda, our Japanese Bobtail Calico loves to watch us play Farkle2 on FB. Always interested in the computer screen.

Editor's note: Yoda has a front row seat to the show! Interesting, Elizabeth!

I remember being told many years ago that cats (and dogs) couldn't get much from a 2 dimensional television screen. Obviously, they get enough.

Although they probably go after motion more than anything, computer screen savers and fancy mouse cursors definitely proved that cats can and do watch the screen.

More recently, DVD's for cats like Video Catnip and games for the iPad clearly show that many cats are avid TV watchers and video game fans.

I think little Yoda needs a Facebook account! Thanks for sharing!

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