Pretty Raina

by mel b

This is my pretty girl Raina. She showed up on the steps of my work on December 21, 2011 and slept there for 2 days.

I was going home on the 23rd for the Christmas weekend and I couldn't bare to leave her there. She was so little and sweet.

So I picked her up, hit up the pet store for all her necessities and took her home. Shes my very first feline fur baby. I've had her for going on 2 years meow and I couldn't have asked for a better cat.

After I brought her home, I found out she was pregnant and on February 23rd my 5 little grandkittens were born without complication. :)

Four of them went off to their forever homes and one special little man stayed with me. His name is Spencer. <3 Love them so much. Raina has since been spayed and Spencer neutered.

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So true
by: Anonymous

It really is, thank you Jessie. :)

by: JessieJaney

Isn't it wonderful the way our fur babies adopt us and bring with them surprises. xxx's

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