The Doodle from Georgetown

by Lora Wallingford
(Georgetown, Ohio)

Handsome Oski

Handsome Oski

Oski Doodle came to us in 2009, along with his friend Suzanne. They appeared out of the woods behind our house.

Oski was so very, very wary of everyone and everything. We could not touch him for 6 months. We fed him and Suzanne and waited.

He had been declawed, which is an abomination. He would go away for days and we worried about never seeing him again. Then he would return, tired, bedraggled and starved.

He finally allowed my brother to touch his cheek after 6+ months of waiting.

We then took him in and he became an invaluable part of our lives.

He is gentle, kind, but a "worrier." His face shows his deep felt emotions. We will never know what he had endured before we met. But he is home and has been with us for 9 years and counting. He is beloved.

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