17 Awesome Black Cats to Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day

These 17 awesome black cats are on display to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day, which is August 17. Their humans contributed these photos, which makes them just as awesome as the kitties.

Of course, at Cat Lovers Only, we don't need an excuse. We celebrate cats of all kinds, 365 days a year.

So here they are, in no particular order, some awesome black (or mostly black) kitties...

Black cat face with text overlay 17 Awesome Black Cats That Will Brighten Your Day!

1. My Squeaky Guy

~Andie Williams


2. Spook

~Chantal Jansen


3. Poe

I love u Poey!

~Abigail Marty


4. Stormy Weather!

~Charisse Doré Nilles

Stormy Weather

5. Charlie

Here's my boy Charlie he's a year old.

~Betty Alex


6. Coco Pop

My lovely girl Coco Pop. xx

~Krystyna Gomez

Coco Pop

7. Abe

My Abe.

~Christy Somers


8. Marley

Here's my Marley.

~Connie Moldenhauer


9. Esmie

My black kitty girl Esmie, 2 yrs old. Love her!

~Jennifer Franco Vargas


10. Oreo

Oreo, now one year old!

~Cheryl Mertens Cummings


11. Jazz

My Jazz.

~Colleen Robinson Tobin


12. Alastair

My sweet Alastair!

~Colleen Wade Muszynski


13. Bunny

My Bunny.

~Connie Moldenhauer


14. Brother

This is Brother... our black panther kitty!

~Hope Carnes


15. Spikey Lemur

Spikey Lemur is his name.....napping is his game!

~Dawn Jackson

Spikey Lemur

16. Trixie

Our lovely Trixie is 18 years old. X

~Jo Deane


17. Wous

The food attacking Wous.

~Chantal Jansen


Thanks to all the pawesome black kitties and their amazing cat parents for sharing their pictures and making our days a little better.

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