Featured Kitties for July, 2015

Say meow to the featured cats for July, 2015. These pictures were all contributed by visitors who want to show off their babies. Enjoy, and show them some love!

The Love of My Life

This is my cat Smokey. He was born on Mother's Day, and is the love of my life and the most lovable and handsome man.

~Iesha Hahn

Smokey the Gray

This Face Could Launch 1,000 Ships


~Cheryl Sanchez

Wiwi kitten

Bath Time for Odin

Odin found an effective and incredibly cute way to groom himself.

~Kaitlin Verba

Odin the kitten

Kitty Hugs

10 year old Martina. She is my baby.

~Valeria Belén Vazquez


Boop Boop!

That's my little kitty Betty Boop.

~Paulina Drewa

Betty Boop

Copper and Blue

Our British blue cat -- Jenicek. :)

~Kateřina Moserová

Jenicek the British Blue

Mom's Love

Our sweet cat had her first kitten today!  She seems to really love her new baby!  Just precious!

~Audra Pope-Lauffer

Tabby mom and kitten

Olive the Tabby

Olive's day out with mommy.

~Sonam Ladakh

Olive with her harness and leash

La Bella Luna

Our new little girl, Luna. She always finds new ways to sit comfortably.

~Kirsty Gaasbeek

Luna sitting pretty

This is My Cubby Hole

This is Boncuk (which means glass bead).

~Onur Evelek




~Rebecca Poole

Gypsy the tabby


This is Boo.

~Kaitlin Reilly

Boo the tabby

Purrfect Poetry

This is Edgar Allen Purr.

~Erica Cooke

Edgar Allen Purr

My Mom Rocks!

Hello! I'm Falcao and yes, I'm Colombian. I have a beautiful family and I'm the oldest of eight cats who respect me and love me. My mom is the sweetest and cutest girl in the world, and has taken care of me since I was little. I love her so much.

~Sindy Ruiz



~Paige Anne

Anubis the tabby

Orange Love

Brotherly Love!

~Ginny Hammel

Orange tabby brothers

Sleeping Beauty

My little Princess taking her beauty nap.

~Sharmaine Marie Agapito

Princess the tabby

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