Featured Kitties for August, 2014

Say meow to the featured cats for August, 2014. These pictures were all contributed by visitors who want to show off their babies. Enjoy and show them some love!

Sleeping Beauty

My little sleeping beauty.

~Melisa Veliu

Sleeping beauty


Her name is Meanny. She was the last one to be alive when found near a gas station. I love her so much and can't imagine my life without her.

~Aleksandra Majewska

Meanny the tabby

Tom the Napper

Tom taking a nap.

~Mandy Broussard‎

Tom taking a nap

Rosco Jenkins

This is Rosco Jenkins. He's three months, and a main coon mix.

He had a hematoma, a swelling of the ear that eventually causes the ear to burst. We had it treated and that's how his ear looks now.

~Mallory Burleigh

Rosco Jenkins the Maine Coon mix


Boston, my Norwegian Forest Cat.

~Bobby Deschenes

Boston the Norwegian Forest Cat

Crazy Bella

My little crazy kitten Bella. xx

~Martha Sakkis

Crazy kitten Bella

Molly Loves to Fuss

Well this is Molly.

She shares the house with us in Derby England and she has been with us since we found her as a very young cat sitting in the window box one day when we were watching TV.

She is a terrific little girl but so FUSSY! 

Every time I get into bed she just won't leave me alone until she has had half an hours fuss, I want to sit and read she wants a fuss and won't give in until she's got it!

Basically she is a real tart.

~David Cherrill

Molly the calico

Cleopatra and Isis

My little girls.

~Elizabeth Morris

Cleopatra and Isis

Precious Oreo

Her name is Precious Oreo. She is the youngest of my three fur babies.

~Priscilla Lynn Crow

Precious Oreo

Thunder Kitty

My kitten "Thunder" 9 weeks old! Female... named her Thunder because my boxer-dog's name is stormy! I've had her for a week... we're so bonded already! Think the pink collar brings out her cute li'l pink mouth!

~Brooke Johnson

Thunder the tabby and white


This is my cat, she is called Friday! We found her when she was around 3-5 weeks old in a bush on the side of the road by herself, back in 2009.

~Olivia Wade

Friday the black and white

Ramey the Rex

If you are lucky enough to have been loved by a Devon Rex, you will understand why I mourn Ramey's passing every day, even 6 months later. And I have 2 other cats to keep me going!

Rescue a Rex if you can, and you will be rewarded with love you've never known until the day he dies, even when he's old and fading. He loved snuggles and hugs. He loved me. My Ramey.

~Kenda Kaiser

Ramey the Rex


This is my beautiful Frida, from Chile.

~Juanita Arroyo Roberts



Cuddles will sleep anywhere.

~Christina Emily Dekker



My Mikey.

~Marion Blomquist

Mikey the black and white

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