Featured Kitties for February, 2015

Say meow to the featured cats for February, 2015. These pictures were all contributed by visitors who want to show off their babies. Enjoy and show them some love!

Mommy's Helper

Hello my name is Oreo... my mommy's name is Selina Flores Rivera. My grandma adopted me a month and a half before she passed away. Now it is my job to lighten up my mommy's life and help her through her healing process.

~Selina Flores Rivera

Oreo posing for mommy

One Eyed Beauty and Big Bro

One-eyed beauty

My one eye baby boy I adopted! Spit ball of fire, love him more everyday! He takes care of me, and his big brother Willie (below)!

~Christine Reilly

Willie the black and white

The Maine Thing

This is Prissie. She is a Maine Coon. I love my baby.

~Heather Nicole



This is me with my beautiful cat (Spike) He's 15 ^.^

~Catherine Stark Kirby

Spike the cat

Bubi the Tabby

Her name is Bubi, from Serbia.

~Ema Pantovic

Bubi the tabby

The Doctor is In

His name's Doctor.


Kitty Selfie

Hi, my name is Chicho and I'm from Guatemala. I share with you a selfie.

~Diana L. Chacon

Chicho the tabby


Our beautiful cat, Puddy!

~Cate in Sydney


Snuggle Time

Poochka and Socks.

~Kathryn Monk

Poochka and Socks

Brofur Cuddles

Brothers Tiku and Tako. Can't be a minute without each other and this is how they sleep.

~Priscilla Gatt

Tabby brothers Tiku and Tako

Tough Guy

Chan Chan thinks he's all rough and tough, but we all know better.

~Dorrick Minnis

Chan Chan cuddling his teddy

Team Selfie

Selfie by Velie & Cleo!

~Gina Horne Teague

Velie and Cleo posing

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