What's The Best Cat Food? The Search Is On

Finding the best cat food to feed your feline friend is an important, but somewhat difficult chore. Pet food labels may be deceiving, especially if you're not sure what to look for.

As a cat owner, you're fully responsible for your cat's well being, and therefore faced with numerous decisions that affect your cat's health. Which vaccinations to give, selecting a vet, and spay/neuter decisions are all important.

Have a favorite cat food that has worked well for you and your cat? Let other cat lovers know about it by adding to our cat food reviews.

It might be argued, however, that providing the right nutrition for your cat is the biggest cat health decision of all.

You are what you eat, even if you're a cat. Especially if you're a cat.

Yet, this is possibly one of the subjects that most cat owners know the least about.

Some would say, of course, that their cat tells them what food to buy. If you have a finicky Morris of your own at home, you know how it goes.

In this series, we'll dig deeper into this topic and try to answer some tough questions, and make your job as a cat parent a bit easier. Join us as we go in search of the best cat food.

So, how do most cat owners choose the best food for their cats? For most cat owners, there are several major areas of concern:

  • Convenience
  • Cost
  • Environmental impact
  • Cat health (and human health as well)

Unfortunately, this convenience vs. cost vs. environmental impact vs. cat health list often puts cat health, quite literally, last.

And so, we go in search of the best cat food we can find for your cat. This is not an easy process. I've already done many hours of research, and it will take many more to make sense of the data and publish it online.

I can't possibly research every brand of cat food, but over time, I'll publish the information that comes my way.

We'll fill this section of the site out with (hopefully) enough information so that we can feel comfortable with the choices we make. I intend to cover cat food labels, brands (which may change of course), and the pet food manufacturing process itself.

Even then, there are still some unanswered questions.

Brands of Cat Food

Newman's Own cat food

EVO cat food (Discontinued summer, 2018.)

Iams cat food

Pet Promise cat food (Discontinued January, 2010.)

More about popular brands of cat food.

Cat Food and Your Kitty's Health

What is a safe cat food? Does such a thing even exist, and can we make cat food safer?

Learn to read the labels and understand cat food ingredients so you know what your cat is really eating.

Are there health benefits to grain free cat food?

Wet Versus Dry Cat Food

There is some debate over the benefits and drawbacks of wet food versus the dry type. This is especially true when looking at the development of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) and the development of crystals in the urine.

The growing consensus seems to be that wet food is better than dry, and for a number of reasons. You'll want to work with your veterinarian (and your cat), though, to determine which type of food works best.

Please take a moment to help out other cat lovers and take our dry food poll. If you don't feed dry food, please let us know that in the poll. The same goes for our best canned food poll.

What's Your Top Pick For Best Cat Food?

Has your cat secretly been eating the best cat food? Have a cat food that's worked well for you that you're keeping to yourself? Have a favorite homemade recipe?

Share your story, tip, recipe or review of your choice for the best cat food with other cat lovers. Please describe why you like this food.

If your top pick is one of the ones already recommended or reviewed on this site, that's fine. Inquiring cat lovers want to know your opinion!

Read Other Best Cat Food Reviews

Click on the links below to see some great reviews on the best cat food available. They were all written by other visitors to this page.

Blue Wilderness 
I have a 4-year-old American Shorthair named Patches, a very healthy 20 pound male, neutered and chipped. I've been giving him Blue Wilderness in the dry …

Bring back Pet Promise! 
I had eight cats, one with an intestinal issue from the shelter. She was on medication and when I put her on " Pet Promise by Dr. Weil" she no longer …

Precise and Tim Chase Cat Food 
Two of my cats died from Purina. They both had the same symptoms. My last cat wouldn't eat it. He ate Precise and Tim Chase. He is fine.

Feeding Blue Buffalo dry food - propaganda? 
Fairly new cat owner with 2 kittens. I started with Friskies, but a friend of mine who is a cat aficionado and has raised many cats recommends Blue Buffalo. …

Friskies is fine 
When I first got my cat, she wouldn't eat any cat food. We tried Friskies and she loved it. It was the only cat food she would eat. Editor's note: Thanks …

Raw food - end of story 
Living with cats for over 35 years - that means I've helped many a cat friend make the transition. It also means I've learned a great deal what it takes …

Cat Food Recommendation: Natures Menu 
The kitten version has a vitamin complex. All have minimum 70 percent meat and my cat sleeps well after a pouch... I won't use standard cat food at 11 …

Cat Food Recommendation: Nutro Natural, Purina Pro Plan and Fancy Feast 
We like Nutro Natural, Purina Pro Plan and Fancy Feast. We tried the Wellness brands, the Solid Gold, the Blues. They still prefer dry Nutro Natural …

Blue Longevity 
I've been giving my cats Blue Longevity since they were kittens. And they absolutely love it!! They have always had beautiful shiny coats. It's a little …

Blue Buffalo Wilderness 
A month and a half ago I started feeding my cats (I have four of them) Blue Buffalo Wilderness Formula. One of my cats has a food allergy and Wilderness …

Wellness, Blue, Solid Gold 
Wellness, Blue, Solid Gold, Precision, Natural Balance, Orijen are top cat foods with no garbage added. The foods you listed are pure cat poison.

Purina One or Purina Pro Plan 
My cats love this food so much, they won't even eat table scraps or wet food when given. This is the only food they like. It's weird we even tried giving …

Raw diet - meals ready to eat 
I have 2 cats that used to have skin problems such as flaky skin, greasy coat, etc. One was already beginning to have problems with recurring urinary …

Aivilas Cat Food 
I met the owner of this unheard of food last summer and started my cats on it. The constant vomiting has stopped and the coats on all the cats are amazing. …

Proplan Chicken and Rice Not rated yet
Miss Kitty had a hard time choosing a food she liked. After about eight different varieties at eight weeks old, our vet gave us a sample of the Proplan. …

Nutro Indoor Weight Management Not rated yet
Ollie was a shelter cat, and ate like there was no tomorrow. Likely because there wasn't always food tomorrow (he was a stray). "Normal" food (Royal …

Hill's Healthy Advantage Not rated yet
This brand is vet recommended and must be bought at the vet's office/clinic only. Chicken is healthier than seafood. My tuxedo tomcat, Dongwa, loves …

Mama Cat Chooses Purina SmartBlend! Not rated yet
My cats have been doing really well on Purina SmartBlend Indoor Advantage and Healthy Metabolism. Years ago I completed the Hill's Veterinary Nutritional …

Raw fed cats here too Not rated yet
I had two cats develop crystals while on a 'premium' all life stages dry cat food. I had another become diabetic. While feeding a raw diet, these conditions …

Evo Dry Not rated yet
She {Taz} loves Evo dry cat food. Her coat shines and she's a very healthy 2 year old American shorthair. I leave it out so she can eat in between her …

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Foods Your Cat Should Not Eat

My mission was simple, or so I thought... compile a list of foods that your cat should not eat. Well, ten hours later, I was still researching toxicity questions with respect to cats and tomatoes.

There's some discrepancy over whether or not table scraps (or other human food) should be fed to your cat. Some veterinarians draw a hard line on this and recommend no human food at all. The general thought, though, is that some is acceptable, but a little goes a long way.

Feeding cats tuna is of particular interest because so many people ask about it. Certainly, cans of tuna are not the best cat food as a kitty's primary diet.

Feeding your cat tuna every day will not give her the nutrition she needs, and experts warn it will likely cause toxicity problems. Eventually, it will cause health problems, or worse.

Vegetarian and vegan diets are also controversial, as cats are obligate carnivores and must have meat in order to get certain nutrients. Without meat in the diet, they will die.

The ASPCA has a list of people foods that pets should not eat.

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