2 brothers and needless to say, best friends

by Wendy



These Two Brothers were rescued from a farm and turned 3 years old in March of this year. The Main Coon (Or so we think he is, he has the "M" on his forehead) is Phoenix and is SOOO much like a dog! He is TRULY thee MOST sweetest, loving Cat/Dog (We call him that becuz he listens and trains like a Dog, lol). He is TRULY an AMAZING Cat!

Then there is Charlie (With the White Face.) He is sweet and loving as well but ONLY on his time! And he is HONESTLY scared at a pin dropping! NO JOKE! We think it's becuz he was the runt of the litter and was abused by the other Cats after he was born.

He just never grew out of it and NOW we know where the phrase "Scaredy Cat" comes from! Charlie embodies that Phrase! So, that's their story but we LOVE them both the same!

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