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Products for Cats

These are mostly for the kitties in your life...

Beds and Furniture

Cat Beds
While a cat can fall asleep almost anywhere, providing a safe, comfortable sleeping place is part of good feline care. Giving your kitty a cozy cat bed to sleep on is perhaps the ultimate act of kindness.

Cat Climbing Furniture
Climb - scratch - sleep! Most kitties love to go vertical. Get some climbing furniture for your furry child.

Cat Tree Plans
Build your own cat tree with these plans and ideas.

Kitty Bling

Cat ID Tag
A cat once got lost and ended up thousands of miles from home. If your cat gets outside and ends up in a strange place, a cat ID tag may be the only thing that brings the two of you back together.

Rhinestone Cat Collars
Designer cat collars? For the cat who has everything.

Cat Houses and Enclosures

Outdoor Cat House
The outdoor cat house is a product that gives cats a safe and comfortable place to relax and watch the birdies while outside.

Heated Cat Houses
Heated cat houses offer added comfort by using insulation or a combination of insulation and a heat source to keep your kitty warm. There are also indoor versions that will please any kitty, especially senior cats craving extra warmth.

Cat House Plans
Building your own cat house (or designing one)? Need ideas? Start with some plans. I had a difficult time finding good references for plans, so I decided to make a resource list of what I've found.

Outdoor Cat Enclosures
Outdoor cat enclosures give your kitty a safe way to explore the outdoors. Given that many cats love to explore, coupled with the expense and effort of building one of these, this may be the ultimate in cat lover products. Here are some available products, as well as ideas, resources, photos, and plans for designing and building your own outdoor cat paradise.

Cat Fence Containment Systems
Cat fence systems promise to keep your cat in your yard. Buy or build your own.


Cat Toys
Cat toys are essential. A bored kitty is a misbehaved kitty. Get the right toys for your cat and you'll both be much happier.

Homemade Cat Toys
Not sure which toys your cat will like? Well, try cat toys on a budget. Here are some ideas for homemade cat toys that can provide fun and exercise for both you and your cat.


Buy Feliway
Feliway is synthetic cat cheek pheromone, and may help to calm aggression and anxiety, as well as curb inappropriate elimination.

Cat Drinking Fountain
You can encourage your cat to drink more water if the water in the bowl is moving.

Cat Grooming Tools
Grooming your cat often can help to keep the coat shiny, free of matting, and reduce hairballs.

Video Catnip
Video Catnip and other DVD's for cats can keep your cat entertained while you're gone. Yep, your cat will watch TV and stay entertained with images of fish, birds, rodents, and the sites and sounds of nature.

Products for Cat Lovers

Mostly for the humans...

Art and Decor

Cat Posters
Cat posters make great gifts. Ordering online is a quick and easy way to give you or a friend a much needed feline art print fix.

Susan Herbert
Susan Herbert's witty and unusual work is a favorite of many cat lovers. Books of her feline inspired artwork make great gifts.

Books and Magazines

Cat Books
There are plenty of books out there on felines that will help you better understand house cats, big cats, and everything in between.

Dewey's Nine Lives
Another Dewey book from Vicki Myron with nine stories about cats who touch people's lives.

The Ultimate Cat Lover
A book that should be in the home of every cat lover.

Cat and Kitten Magazines
Cat magazines are a great way to keep on top of the latest in cat lover products, cat care, and feline health issues.

The Secrets of Lost Cats
What would you do for love? The Secrets of Lost Cats explores what happens when felines are separated from their humans.

Gifts and Apparel

Cat Lover Gift
Buying gifts can be difficult, but the perfect cat lover gift can be found! Discover the best unique gift ideas for cat lovers from my personal list. I stayed up late creating this list, I hope it helps!

Cat T Shirts
Cat t shirts are always a hit, and even non-cat people give me compliments when I wear one of these. Here's a great selection of Cat T-Shirts at Choice Shirts.

Holiday Products

Cat Christmas Ornaments
Cat up your tree or give a gift of one of these ornaments. As cat lover products go, these are in high demand, so cat up your tree!

Movies, Music and Entertainment

The Aristocats Special Edition DVD
The Aristocats Special Edition on DVD shows off this Disney classic with some fun bonus features. It's a jazzin' good time with lots of extras. Here's my review.

Oliver and Company Special Edition DVD
Another fun film with bonus features on DVD, Oliver and Company centers around a cute kitten and is a great choice for family entertainment.

Cat In The Hat Merchandise
Where to buy cat in the hat merchandise. The odd cat with the funny hat is a Dr. Seuss favorite, and perhaps more popular today than ever.


Cat Lovers Merchandise
Movies, mugs, watches, and more inspired by some of the most famous cats in the world.

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