Featured Kitties for March, 2013

Say hello to the featured cats for March, 2013. These cats own some of our visitors. We've got a collection of beauties, don't you think?


"I just wanted to share some pix of my precious beautiful green eyed baby, Tiger. He's a rescue that I adopted in 2008 while volunteering at our local Humane Society! He's such a little snuggle-bug and totally a mommas boy. I love him to death!

...He's my little sweetie pie, and he's so funny cuz when he snuggles with me, he HAS to be touching me somehow. He even has a harness, sweater and leash so I can take him outside for walks in town...lol!" -Amy James Bosteder

Tiger the rescue tabby
Tiger sleeping
Tiger's the tabby's profile


"This is my 17yr old Maine Coon Cat, Smoke-Butt." -Traci Sisk

Smoke-Butt the Maine Coon cat

Cat in the Box

I created a caption for this one... "This box is defective... no toys inside."

The cat's human servant, Andrew Davis responded with... "He tore the hole in the ends and pushes the toys out, but there's plenty of string on the sticks."

Cat in the box

Jasmine the Moggy

Claire Bullen-Jones says that Jasmine the moggy "spent the first 6 months of her life locked up in a garage having to fend for herself." When Claire first met Jasmine, she had a severe skin disorder and was "very very skinny!" She said,  "Now she loves nothing more than a huge plate of food and loads of lap cuddles!"

Jasmine the Moggy

Ruby Roo and Scooter

Sara Lea Kidd says that her precious cat Ruby Roo loves to play and hide in boxes. "She's normally a crab. But that day she wanted to show us her playful side."

Box lover Ruby Roo

Scooter loves to cuddle with his bunny.

Scooter loves his bunny



Scooter Pie

Bob Morton says that he liberated Scooter Pie (or just plain Scooter) from a life of improper treatment. Bob says that Scooter is a sweetheart and, as you can imagine, spoiled rotten. This is as it should be!

Scooter Pie

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