Featured Kitties for September, 2013 Round 2

Say meow to the second round of featured cats for September, 2013. These pictures were all contributed by visitors who want to show off their babies. Enjoy and show them some love!

Purrfect Silas

"He is 5 months old. We adopted him from a shelter. His favorite thing to do is hang out with my 6 year old daughter. He is a wonderfully well behaved boy who has never given us any trouble (except maybe steal a bagel or two!)."

~Hayley Bender

Silas the tuxedo

Hope and Faith

"This is hope and faith, we raised them with no momma and they were 2 days old. The vet said don't get your hopes up they may not make it. :) But with love and hope and faith lol, hence their names, they're now 2 1/2 years old and dear to our hearts. :)"

~Laura BennerThomas

Hope and Faith

Mighty Hunter

'I volunteered at the local "shelter," despite the fact that it is a place that, to my dismay, practices euthanasia... As I was spending time loving up on the kitties, cleaning cages, etc., one of the staff came in to take this beautiful tuxedo/Maine Coon kitten to "the back" to await the inevitable.

He was so happy to get out of his cage, that he started licking the hand of the staff member. When I found out where she was taking him, I begged her to spare him... to give him 1 more day. (At that time, we had 5 healthy cats, which was my limit, per my understanding hubby of 20 yrs).

But, knowing that this little joyful spirit had a 24 hour "reprieve," I snapped a pic of him, and hurried home, to show my hubby and to ask for an exception to his rule, of no more than 5 cats.

Fortunately, and even though he hadn't ever met him, he also fell in love, and agreed that, this time, he'd say yes. Since then, we have had no regrets and so much joy, as a result of this special adoption.

Rules were broken, and I was there at the right time, to save this wonderful boy! He is loved by everyone, including his brothers and sister, and at 3 years old he's our sweet baby!

He is definitely a charmer, as evidenced by the shelter staff breaking the rules for that 24 hour reprieve. And, though my husband, knowing of my soft heart for kitties, won't let me volunteer at the shelter anymore, I am forever thankful that I was there that day!!!!!'

~Kristina Leone

Hunter the black and white


This is Wendy Leann Hedding's cat, Mater. She loves attention and loves snuggling (who doesn't?).

Mater loves attention

Like a King

"I met Sir Arthur when I was browsing my friends Instagram page. I fell in love with his eyes. There's something very captivating and pacifying about his eyes.

The day I held him in my arms, he did not want to let go. He felt so comfortable. He loves to play hide and seek and catch. And he loves to sleep near my neck. A very well behaved kitty.

He is named him Sir Arthur because he sits on his bed like a king and walks so elegantly."

~Faheeda Fahad

Sir Arthur

Me and My Shadow

"She is 6 weeks old, And she loves to climb trees and chase my shoestrings. Her favorite toy is rocks. And she loves to drink milk."

~Hannah Johnson

Shadow the kitten

Miranda the Queen

"Miranda (named after Miranda Lambert) was a stray around my house and had 2 litters within a year. Neither litter survived through the day. Too graphic to even describe what the second litter looked like.

After that even though I already had 2 cats, I had to bring her inside and adopt her. Axl and Slash loved her. She lived a rough life. That's why she is treated like a queen now. I love you Miranda!"

~Billy Southerland

Miranda the tortie and white

Amazing Gracie

"We adopted Gracie from a friend. She is 1 year old, eats constantly and literally thumps when she walks. Lots of personality. She terrorizes our other cat, Gizmo!"

~Donna Read-Munro

It sounds like someone has some tortie-tude!

Gracie the tortie

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