Chibbs from Michigan

by Kacy Koss

Chibbs is an 8 month old white Devon Rex. In this pic he was 6 months old.

I work at an assisted living facility, and he goes there to visit with the residents often. He is so sweet and gentle with them.

I taught him to walk on a leash, come when I call him, sit and stay (usually, lol). He loves car rides as much as any dog!

He sits in my jacket with his head poking out above the zipper. He also likes to be carried around like a baby, lol.

Sometimes he will stand on his back legs and reach up kind of hopping, like a toddler would do saying, "Up mama up!" Only he says, "Meow purr meow meow!" Lol

I know dog people that say, "I'm a dog person but I want one of these," when they meet him. My mother is allergic to cats but she can cuddle with him no problem. That is quite common, though, for this breed to be tolerated well by people with allergies.

I love him and couldn't be happier! My female rescue cat loves him too!

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by: Anonymous

He looks like a handsome cat. Sounds to me that he loves being cuddled and around people.

by: dee

Wonderful story; what a GREAT kitty! Thank you for making people happy and sharing him.

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