Featured Kitties for April, 2015

Say meow to the featured cats for April, 2015. These pictures were all contributed by visitors who want to show off their babies. Enjoy and show them some love!

A Wolf in Cat's Clothing?

Our beautiful Ragdoll Ellie recembles a wolf. Her eyes are normally icy blue as that of a Husky.

~Malin Dal Santo

Ellie the Ragdoll

I Am Princess Mocha

My cat, Princess mocha.

~Mohamed Allam

Princess Mocha the calico kitten

Baby Blues

My baby Lilly. <3

~Katy McKinney

Lilly the Siamese

Wanna Cuddle?

My baby Tiger.

~Janet Ottenwalder

Tiger the tabby

Queen of the House

The queen of my house, Mrs. Mooshie. She is my special little girl.

~Mo Zen

Mrs. Mooshie the tabby

Up Close and Purrsonal

Craven, 5 years old.

~Cory Himmelspeck

Kitty Craven

The Fantastic 4

We adopted all of all our cats. Willow, Phiobe, Bacchi, Lola.

~Angela Riordan

Four adopted kitties

Touched by Silver

Izzy, my lovely silver tipped Persian.

~Colleen Bigler

Izzy, the silver tipped Persian

I Am Numero Uno

His name is Uno.

~Joshua Cuevas

Uno the tabby

Is it Bed Time Yet??!

TamTam tabby

My TamTam!! (above)

Here's my kitten Choy!! (below)

~Liezel Enrile Santos

Choy the tabby and white

Does My Tongue Match My Blanket?

Meet my little Chibi.

~DK Yoshida

Chibi the tabby and white

The Look

This is Caleb.

~Serena Ricci

Caleb the tabby

Too Comfy to Pose

My Oreo.

~Hyacinth Shane Samaniego

Oreo the tabby and white

I Have Come to Steal Your Heart


~Emily Hunter

Simba the tabby

Do you have a favorite?

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