Featured Kitties for June, 2014

Say meow to the featured cats for June, 2014. These pictures were all contributed by visitors who want to show off their babies. Enjoy and show them some love!

Pilates Cat Can Work Those Abs!

"Time for my exercises."

~Georgia McLaughlin

Grey and white kitty exercising


"This is Kai..."

~Ruby Jean E Donovan

Kai the calico

Abby and Willie

"Just wanted to share my babies! The calico is Abby, about 14 years old. She adopted us when she was about 2 years and Willie who is just 9 months, we rescued him at 2 months."

~Amy Cunningham

Abby and Willie

Precious Baby Boy

"This is my precious baby boy 'Cat.'"

~Cordia Lee

Precious baby boy Cat

Max the Transformer

"Max turned from this (malnourished and dehydrated) when we found him.... TO THIS... some TLC to do miracles."

~Aquilina Ray

Max before and after

Maya the Bird Watcher

Maya is a 4 year old dilute calico that was adopted from a local shelter.

Maya enjoys the following activities:

"...bird watching and 'talking' to them, playing with plastic ball toys, playing with yarn, sleeping, sun bathing, cuddling on the couch or my bed."

~Kyle Nannen

Maya the dilute calico


"This is Simba from Canada"

~Ali Fahad

Simba the tabby

Pip the Poser

"My cat loves to sleep and he is a little poser ^.^ x He's called Pip."

~Abigail Mills

Pip the poser

My Dearest Friend

"This is Daiquiri... my dearest friend."

~Heirwegh Annabelle

Daiquiri the tabby and white

Comfy Sleepy Time

"The other day I noticed my cat sleeping so comfortably on the bed that I just had to take this photo... we are so comfy we are!!!" 


Comfy sleepy tabby

Hold Me!

"My two month old baby Acheron."

~Madeleine Alvarez

2 month old Acheron

Zeus and Turbo

Turbo the grey tabby and white

"My 2 4 legged kids Zeus and Turbo. The grey baby is a real mamma's boy. I love them to bits.

Zeus is my older baby. And one of the loves of my life."

~Zelda Britz

Zeus the white kitty

Welcome to the Family

"My new little one joining 2 older fur brothers..."

~Heather Christianson

Tabby kitten

Dexter the Catdog

"The BESTEST BFF a girl could ask for - Dexter the 'catdog.'"

~Stacy Saul

Dexter the tabby

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