Featured Kitties for June, 2013

Take a look at the beautiful array of featured cats for June, 2013. These cats own some of our visitors.

Get Off the Phone, Human!

Zosia Holewjusz shared this picture of her 4 year old kitty, Didus, from Warsaw, Poland. He hates when Zosia uses the phone.



This is Valentina Valenzuela's kitten Zoé.

Zoe, the black and white kitty


This is Christine Falkner's "fur daughter" Maddie, doing her "turkey" pose.

Maddie the tabby cat

Synchronized Sleeping

Paula Toth's Squeaky and Rudy!

Squeaky the tabby and Rudy the tuxedo cat
Squeaky and Rudy collage

King Caesar!

"This is my spoiled boy Caesar. He is the king of our house. He gets into everything and makes us laugh. His favorite hiding place is in the bathtub where he waits to attack."

~Tracy Chocklett

Caesar the black cat


Veronica Navarro's Alex...

Alex the tabby and white


Sindra Miano says that Samantha is her "besty" (even though she attacked her eye).

Samantha the black cat

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