The Cats of Christmas 2014

Here are some holiday cats getting into the Christmas spirit, all contributed by our visitors. They deserve extra treats. Show them some love.

Pishi at Christmas

Pishi says Merry Christmas.

~Afrooz Ahmadi

Minnie the tabby in the nativity scene

We're from Italy, and this is Minnie in the middle of our Nativity!

~Cristiana Bellini

Cleopatra the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Christmas tree

She's a Norwegian forest cat. She's an old 14 year old sweetie. Her name is Cleopatra.

~Christelle Burrus

Tito the tabby and the Christmas tree

This is my cat. We call him "Tito." We love him so much, regards from Peru.

~Daniel Bautista Romero

Fluffy as Santa

My cat Fluffy is also getting in the festive spirit.

~Jaime Regadas

Sjonnie the tabby

Sjonnie (ponnie)

~Jessica Westein

Olive the tabby

Olive all set for Christmas.

~Sonam Sunny

Addi in the tree

Addi in the tree.

~Meaghan Grace Pageot

Axle in his Santa outfit

Axle is ready for Christmas.

~Lisa Titus

Shamus in the tree

I'm thinking Shamus wants to be apart of the Christmas tree!

Happy Holidays from Shamus!

~Lelia Wollard

Nala and Lola at the tree

Nala and Lola's first Christmas.

~Krystal Bob

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