The Best Cat Toys

The best cat toys are those that your cat actually enjoys playing with.

In addition to being safe and durable, your cat has to like it (at least for a day or so).

Otherwise, what's the point?

Let's take a look at a list of some of the toys that your kitty might like, and places to buy them.

Each cat is different, of course, and it's hard to predict which toy a particular cat will take to before hand.

When you have three cats in the house, you learn this pretty quickly and you see personal preference at work over and over again.

There are certainly commonalities, but cats are true individuals. They each have their preferred favorite spots, their preferred people to hang out with, and even their preferred activities to engage in with each person.

Some cats will be a lap cat with one person, and a sleeping buddy with another, but not both with either one.

When it comes to toys, they'll fall in love with one toy and totally ignore another. Sometimes, they'll change their minds, and decide to give the usually shunned toy a try. All in all, you have to let your cat decide which toy is for them. Come to think of it, aren't they this way with everything?

There are, however, some toys (or types of toys) that most cats seem to really like. It's also a good idea to have a number of different types of toys and either rotate them out, or leave them available for the cat to choose.

In no particular order, here are some of the best cat toys I've encountered.

The Peek-A-Prize Cat Toy Box

Peek a Prize cat toy box

Here's a simple wooden box that provides hours of fun, and is durable enough to last for years.

It taps into your cat's natural instinct to hunt and chase things that hide and move.

Enhance the toys with some catnip every so often, get some extras so you can change them out or replace ones that wear out, and you've got one heck of a good kitty cat time.

As multipet cat toys go, this one is one of the best.

You can buy the Peek-A-Prize Toy Box from Catsplay

Ba-Da-Beam Laser Cat Toy

Ba Da Beam laser toy

You can buy the Ba-Da-Beam Laser Toy from Catsplay

Cats love to chase the lights from laser pointers. It brings out the love of the chase and the hunt.

This is an automatic laser chaser toy that can be adjusted to display on the wall or the floor. The image circles, pauses, and then circles again, causing your cat to chase and pounce.

Any toy that brings out the hunting instinct is usually irresistible to most cats. The problem is that cats often get bored with regular toys because they are predictable. Since this one moves, then pauses, then moves again, it keeps your cat guessing.

Bring out your cat's hunting instinct and watch the fun. One thing to note is that there is no actual prey here that your cat can grab on to. This may lead to some frustration if your cat can't actually grab onto something with her teeth or claws.

Every so often you should switch this toy out for one with fur or feathers that your cat can get a hold of, or something like a Wubba or Dr. Noy furry toy...

Da Bird Cat Toy

Interactive toys give you a chance to bond with your cat, and they're a heck of a lot of fun. Da Bird is highly recommended by many cat owners and cats go crazy over it.

Da Bird cat toy

You can buy Da Bird Feather Teaser at Amazon.

The Da Bird is a feather toy, which cats have a history of really liking (ya think?!).

It flies, bounces, and hops. It moves, looks, and feels like prey.

It's virtually irresistible to cats, and you can use this interactive toy to play with your cat and promote bonding.

You can also use it to stimulate your older or overweight cat to exercise more.

If your cat could talk, she'd tell you that Da Bird is one of the best cat toys ever invented.

Catniption Cat Nip Discs

Catniption cat discs

Catniption Cat Nip Discs

They fly, they flip, they roll, they slide, and cats love to play with them. What are they?

The felt pads that you can buy for the legs of furniture.

But, they're not safe to chew, and they don't have catnip built in.

What does? Catniptions Cat Nip Discs of course! Yet another cool SmartCat product.

You can buy them at Amazon.

The Tick Tock Teaser

These kittens are having a blast with the Tick Tock Teaser.

You can buy the SmartCat Tick Tock Teaser from Catsplay and Amazon.

The Best Homemade Cat Toy

For the best cat toys of the homemade variety I'd have to vote for ones that you don't have to assemble. An old belt works great.

Running water can be fascinating to your cat, and many cats will prefer to drink from the sink. If you're looking for cheap, it can sometimes cost more to make your own. Here are some inexpensive cat toy options along with some funny videos.

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