Featured Kitties for September, 2015

Say meow to the featured cats for September, 2015. These pictures were all contributed by visitors who want to show off their babies. Enjoy, and show them some love!

Shhh... Snoozing Tabby

Lexys is sleeping.

~Caitlin Nicole-Austin Meeks

Lexys the tabby sleeping

Aslan the Fluffy

This is a picture my beautiful cat, Aslan. He's gorgeous! I forgive him his haughty behavior for this look! :)

~Tereza Vaclaviková

Aslan the fluffy

Billa Me Later

His name is Billa.

~Mian Anzar

Billa the white

Basket of Fun

Golden Graham says "Peek a boo."

~Nikki Blitzkie

Orange tabby in a basket

Can't Catch Me!

My lovely cat called Pia.

~Sofía Montiel

Pia the black and white

Lincoln's Moods

His name is Lincoln. He is very playful, but very moody. LOL. He goes from happy to blah in a second, but he is the best thing that's happened to me.

~Sarah Colcord

Lincoln the tabby

M is for Mentita

This is my cat, Mentita!!

~Brenda Vengance

Mentita the tabby


"Say Cheese," she said.

~Patricia Guérin

Say cheese tabby


Asterix (8 weeks old).

~Leonardo Lopes

Asterix the tabby

Here's Lookin' at You, Kid

This is Puchu. :)

~YuKti Gaur


The Maine Thing

Twilight, my two year old Maine Coon. She's my big baby.

~Vanessa Treviño

Twilight the Maine Coon

Calm Kaos

This is Kaos.

~Angela Summers

Kaos the black cat

Hello There!

Our Mitty Kitty is a sweet boy.

~Kathy Wells Bullara

Mitty Kitty the gray and white

Curious Kitten

Flik, a 3 month old Savannah.

~Joanny Paré

Flik the Savannah kitten

Can I Have a Cookie?

Meet Cookie.

~Lilith Pierce

Cookie the white

Deep Snooze

Precious Whiskers in her fav position.

~Brittney Voce

Whiskers snoozing

Give Us a Kiss

Me and my cat Callie.

~Hannah Rowland

Callie giving kisses

Eye See You

This is Cerise, from Tunisia.

~Ih Eb

Cerise the Siamese

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