Meet Morris the Horse Riding Cat and His Buddy Champy

Morris the cat and Champy the horse have a special relationship. You might be tempted to say that this seemingly odd couple's video should be filed under odd animal friendships.

In my experience, however, this is not all that unusual. Cats and horses, for some reason I don't yet understand, often seem to be able to build a bridge. Still, it's fascinating to watch.

Morris the cat and Champy the horse

It's obvious from the video that there are other horses living with Champy, so you might be wondering... does Morris ride any of the other horses?

Morris' human, YouTube user Jennifer Boyle posted a comment about this...

"Yes Morris only rides Champy. It's only those two that are friends, Morris has tried befriending other horses and none are interested in him he even made the mistake of jumping on a few of their backs and being bucked off! He's now knows it's only Champy that likes him."

So there you have it. Not all horsies like the kitties, but for these two, it was apparently love at first nibble.

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