7 Cat Wake Up Calls to Start Your Day Off Right

Someone once said... there's no snooze button on a cat that wants breakfast. True!

These cat wake up calls are fine examples of feline alarm clocks, showing how cats provide an excellent wake up call service for their humans.

Jazzy the cat with text overlay 7 Cute Cat Wake Up Calls to Start Your Day

As day follows night, fiction follows function, er, um, something like that.

No wait... life imitates art... Nope, that's not quite right...

Anyway, this Simon's Cat cartoon represents reality. That's it! Cartoons are real is what I wanted to say. :)

Simon's cat shows us how the wake up call is done...

1) Simon's Cat

2) The Time Warp All Nighter

Is this the real Simon's cat? Ever wonder what your cat does while you're sleeping? Here's a time lapse video...

3) Breakfast in Bed

Will the real Simon's cat please stand up.

Warning: if you feed your cat right in the bed, don't expect the wake up visits to stop anytime soon!

4 & 5) Oh, But I Insist!

Most of the time, we cat maniacs love to get a visit from one or more of our cats. In fact, I think you'll agree that a cat is the best alarm clock you could ever have.

Of course, when the human has a cold and isn't feeling good, this isn't a welcome event!

Romeo, the tabby cat in the videos above and below, is very insistent with his wake up calls. He's not afraid to draw blood!

Romeo, oh Romeo, why dost thou cut me so?

6) The Head Rub

Here's a much kinder, gentler kind of wake up call.

7) The Plea for Help

This very disappointed looking kitty is Bubbles. He tries to convince this human it's time to get out of bed, but with no success. At one point, the cat appears to be making a plea to the camera person to help wake up the lazy human. Such mistreatment of a feline should not be allowed!

Bubbles has appeared in a Google Chrome commercial. He's fa-mouse!

Bubbles the cat doing a wake up call

So now it's your turn...

Does your cat have a morning wake up routine?

Do you have any favorite wake up call videos or stories to share? Let me know in the comments!

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