The CATerpillar -- Alternative To The Purrito

by Chloe T. Kitteh

The CATerpillar is the alternative to the purrito. I can has cocoon and turn into a CATerfly? I can has more funny cat videos?

Here is your Furry Funny Friday Fix for July 2, 2010...

The CATerpillar

What? You were expecting something else? One of these, perhaps?


Or maybe one of these. Both of those are far more menacing, don't you think?

This kitty dreams of becoming a "shedding, bad-tempered butterfly."

humorous pictures

The truth is, though that at some point, a caterpillar will emerge from the cocoon a beautiful CATerfly...


An incredible metamorphosis, don't you think?

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An Authentic Purrito?!
by: Kurt (Admin)

Hi Sherice, I believe that an authentic, wrapped in a Mexican blanket purrito is a rare find. You are very fortunate to have such a treasure! Do you have picture of your authentic purrito that we could see? If you have one, you can submit your picture here.

I haz a purrito
by: Sherice

Hmm, I can't get a catterfly or a caterpillar yet, but I do haz a purrito! Even wrapped in a mexican blanket - how's that for authentic?

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