Video: Cats with Sass

Sassy mama tries to deal with her curious kittens... and a giant baby! The voice overs make the whole thing!

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Editor's Note: Well, I am not amused. My ability to be amused was impaired by my concern for the cats.

I decided to leave this up here as a reminder of what NOT to do.

Clearly the welfare of those kittens was not on the mind of the people filming the original video. And, clearly, making a video was more important than protecting the kittens from potential injury.

I'd have to file the original under stupid cat videos. Please make it stop. Let this be the last stupid video of its kind.

Maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing. Am I the only one?

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dumb owners
by: vickie

Babies are strong and could have hurt those baby kittens... I hope they get the mother cat fixed... the video was not amusing to me at all...

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