9 Most Adorable Babies, and the Cats Who Love Them (Videos)

These cats are wild about babies.

If you like adorable babies and cats, you'll enjoy this.

Do not splort your brain all over your computer due to the cuteness, as it's too hard to clean up, especially when it gets in the keyboard.

Baby and cats with text overlay 9 Most Adorable Babies and the Cats Who Love Them (Videos)

1) Stop Moving So Much and Snuggle!

Stop your squirming! This kitty and baby friend can't seem to stop moving.

2) That's My Toy!

Whose toy is it, anyway?* This cat makes for an entertaining baby sitter.

*The cat's, of course.

3) Air Biscuits and Head Bonks

Babies need to get better at scratching kitties. In the meantime, kitties will make biscuits and bonk the heck out of them.

4) All Your Sleep are Belong to Me

Stewie the cat mind melds with baby Connar to help put him to sleep.

Still Shot Cuteness Break

Cats and babies collage

5) Buddies

Kitty and baby are best buds...

6) Ouch! That Was Loud

Even when you scream in my ear, you're still OK by me.

7) You're Scent-Sational!

Ryan the cat loves Leo the baby. The baby does not seem quite as enthusiastic about the cat.

8) This Looks Comfy

I must warn you, I'm an aggressive cuddler. I will lie on top of you and squash your head, small human.

9) Nap Patrol

Two expert Burmese guard cats make sure the baby isn't disturbed while sleeping.

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