Maru the Cat

by Kurt (Admin)

Maru the Cat is a feline of few words, but big action. His bio on Twitter, for example, simply says: "I am Maru. A cat."

You said it, Maru. Maru has a job in the entertainment business, and works hard to entertain his fans. If you're feeling a bit down, just crank up one of his mood changing videos, and you'll instantly become a fan.

We were first introduced to Maru with "Maru slides into the box". We later learned that he likes to bowl as well.

He may not say much, but that doesn't hurt Maru's popularity. His videos are quite popular on Youtube, and he's already an international superstar. He lives in Japan, and he's a Scottish Fold, so he's already got international flair and appeal.

His fascination with boxes is legendary, and thanks to the reach of Youtube, his videos are popular worldwide.

Combine a a fishing pole type toy (like Da Bird) with a box, and you've got kitty heaven!

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