Silly Cats Doing What They Do in Videos And Pictures

Silly cats, eager to perform, pose and entertain us, are presented here for your consumption of the ridiculous. If you have your own ball of silliness at home, feel free to share.


First up, the stalking cat video...

I used to play with Priscilla like that all the time and she never could resist the opportunity to get me.

Next, the crazy sideways attacking kitten maneuver referred to as the "sliding cat" in this video. I call it the Halloween pose.

(For the record, this is not the way to teach your cats not to bite while playing!)

Growling cat! This cat is growling and hissing at the newcomer, a little kitten. Who would want to growl at a kitten?! This is, however, the way many introductions go.

Simon's Cat -- TV Dinner

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Big cat, little meow...

Siamese cats have a reputation, deservedly or not, for being mischievous and pouncing on passers by from high places. Clearly this cat in the next video is living up to this.

And then there's Woody, the "showering cat." There are a number of videos of Woody doing his crazy bathing in the sink. Woody can't seem to get enough running water. I wouldn't want to see that water bill.

Refrigerator cat wants a snack

Speaking of refrigerators, this is Piggy, AKA Spider cat. She is able to walk down the side of the refrigerator. Quite the talent!

Frying pan cats


How about this colorful pile of kitties on the couch...

Silly cats on the couch

"All your sheets are belong to me." Teddie loves to sleep on a pile of clean laundry, and who can deny her the privilege?

Teddie cat asleep on laundry

This photo of "the smallest man in the world dancing with his pet cat" has been making the rounds. I'm not sure if they're actually dancing, or if this is just a greeting. The cat certainly looks happy with his tail up! S/he also looks huge, but I'm not sure if that's just in comparison.

Smallest man in the world dances with his cat

According to, the man is Henry Behrens, and was at the time (1956) the smallest man in the world, at 30 inches tall. He was married to Emmie, who was 40 inches tall. Unfortunately, I don't have any information on the cat, not even the name.

I previously had a link posted here to Life's website showing a picture of the couple along with their black cat. Sadly, it looks like they've restructured their website and I can no longer find that picture.

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