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by Kurt (Cat Lovers Only Admin)
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Have you seen Nora the piano cat? The site would be lacking something without adding this video or at least mentioning her.

Nora the piano playing cat has become a bit of an Internet phenomenon. In case you've never heard of her, she likes to play the piano (not too hard to figure out from the title, right?).

She apparently started doing this on her own at around the age of one. Quite the young prodigy!

Here she is in her debut video...

In addition to playing the piano whenever she feels like it, Nora has a job. Nora has several responsibilities. One of them is to help the students learn their pieces...

Another is to be the spokescat for the music studio (she seems quite vocal in her second video), and yet another is to just be "Nora the Piano Cat" and the image and mascot for the studio as she models for mugs, t shirts and other "Noraphernalia."

She's the perfect model because she's quite beautiful. From what I can see she appears to be a dilute classic tabby. In any case, I think this concept should win an award for the most clever way to promote music lessons ever!

Nora the Piano Cat blog screen shot
Check out Nora's humans, and the art and music of Philadelphia artists Burnell Yow and Betsy Alexander.

And have a look at the official blog of Nora the Piano Cat.

Update: Nora has a new blog on her own domain now. Check it out at: Nora the Piano Cat

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