Suddenly Misty - A Love Story

by LIsa Swarbrick
(Montclair, NJ)

Latte, the Handsome Himalayan, was alone... that is, until Ms. Misty suddenly showed up.

Latte the Himalayan

Latte was handsome, but still alone...

Latte the Himalayan was handsome

Suddenly... Misty. Could they be friends? Would Latte welcome a newcomer and embrace her? Would she fit in?

Suddenly, there was Misty

Would Latte long for the sweet independence of the bachelor life? Or would he find happiness in her loving paws?

As beautiful as she was, Latte needed to be cautious. Perhaps under all that gorgeous fur, lurked a mean kitty...

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Could they be friends

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Too cute!
by: Anonymous

How cute are they?!

by: Rosemary

Cute & creative story/video

by: Anonymous

Looks like Latte's happy to have a beautiful girlfriend like Misty. :)


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