Scuba Diving Cat

by Kurt (Admin)

Hawkeye, the Scuba Diving Cat and his pal Mutley the dog each had 15 minutes of fame a while back. This cat and dog odd couple take naps together, swim in the pool together, and even scuba dive together, thanks to some special gear put together by their owner.

This Russian Scuba Cat gets to explore much more than a pool, and I wonder if he's able to select his catch for the evening meal. "Ooh, flounder, I'll have that! Grilled, with butter please." OK, so cats don't really say please.

One has to wonder if this is really something we should be doing with our cats (and dogs), but I'll leave that up to greater minds to decide. Yours.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of a scuba diving cat? Is this right or wrong? Does the cat enjoy it? What about the dog? I'd love to hear what others think. Let me know in the comments.

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by: Anonymous

Sorry, Pal...not a fan. Cat seems in's you getting off on doing this not the cat. Does he/she really have a choice? let it go and find a species of you to swim you.

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