The Real Tom and Jerry?
(Sort of...)

Are these two the real Tom and Jerry? Similar to the famous cartoon, this hungry hamster is playing a dangerous cat and mouse game with this feline.

This short clip with a real cat and no, not a mouse but a hamster (also real) are being called by some the real Tom and Jerry.

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As the hamster stuffs his cheeks, the cat does what cats do... prepares to pounce! In the end, the cat shows remarkable restraint and Oscar level acting skills.

As far as I can tell, neither hamster nor cat were harmed in the making of this video. The hamster doesn't seem to be too afraid of the cat or I believe he'd have been out of there much sooner. Still, it makes me a bit nervous, as I mention below.

The cartoonish music pretty much makes it. Oh, yes, and the cat's acting, of course.

Short rant: I'm always concerned with videos and pictures that the animals being filmed or photographed aren't as thrilled with what's going on as the humans might be (to put it mildly).

This hamster doesn't seem to be in any danger from the cat, but it's a hamster, and, well... a cat. Going forward, I hope the hamster remains the one doing the eating, and doesn't become the one being eaten. Should I just get over it and enjoy the entertainment?

What do you think?

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