Video: Tabby the Tabby Cat

by Xochitl

Tabby is an 11 year old tabby cat that has been by my side since he was 8 months old. He is shy around others and incredibly lovable with me.

These clips are just a portion of a day with Tabby! (A side that most people do not get to see)

I do not own this music.

Music By:
Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life
Licensed by Nintendo
Song- Autumn Joy


Watch on YouTube: Tabby the Tabby Cat

Editor's Note: Thanks, Xochitl, for a "sneak peek" inside your life with Tabby. He's very handsome and quite lovable.

Priscilla and Frankie were both very shy. They didn't like strangers at all and would usually hide from visitors.

Repeat visitors could earn their trust, but it took some time. Those cats made them work for it!

But, in private, they were the most fun and friendly creatures you could imagine. I had many hours of fun with them over the years. Thanks again!

More about tabby cats here.

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