Cat Tree Plans

Looking for cat tree plans? If you're planning on a DIY cat furniture project, below are some resources for building various cat climbing furniture pieces.

6 plans on CD with instant download
Six tree plans on CD plus instant download for $9.95 US. You get photos, step by step instructions, and a materials list.

Free Cat Tree Plans

Below are some resources on free cat tree plans.

Building a cat tree
You can build this carpet and sisal-covered 4 level, 5 foot high cat tree.

Build your own cat tree (Archived version)
You can build this design, published by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies. They state it was originally published in the June/July 1994 issue of PETA’s Animal Times.

This is a four perch cat tree (2 feet wide x 2 feet deep x 4 feet 6 six inches high), and suggests using heavy upholstery and poly batting rather than carpet. This is because cats have been known to sometimes scratch up and destroy carpet (although the plans allow for carpeting to be used if desired).

The Cat Ladder (Archived version)
Here's a unique idea made from a step-ladder, some sisal rope, a cardboard concrete tube, and some carpeting. There are no plans, per se, but I believe it should be easy enough to copy a simple design like this.

More Ideas And Photos

Here are more ideas, descriptions, and photos for some creative do it yourself projects and DIY cat furniture makers.

Natural Tree Furniture
Want a more natural look and surface for your cat to climb on? Have a look at this site.

Free cat furniture plan links

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While some cats may not seem that enthusiastic about it, most cats really do enjoy cat furniture!

Fully Assembled

Loft Cat Tree

No time? Decided it's too big a project?

Buy ready made products or ready to assemble products.

There are literally thousands of designs and models to choose from. Below are some of your options.

The Angelical Cat Company
The Angelical Cat Company makes high quality furniture, including rustic models, that even a 125 lb. panther can climb on.
Catsplay has a large selection of cat furniture, many of which can be seen on the cat climbing furniture page.

Cat Lover Products

Cat Lovers Only

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