Cat Lovers Merchandise

Below is a cat lovers merchandise list: a suggested list of cat lover products, gifts, collectibles, and other goodies you and other feline aficionados might like.

There are obviously many cat themed products out there. Calendars, mugs, mouse pads, screen savers, and computer desktop wallpaper (to name a few) are all available with cat likenesses or images on them.

Cat t shirts are popular, of course, as are feline prints and cat posters.

Finding exactly what you want, of course, may not always be easy.

For some feline characters, for example, it's hard to find merchandise. Take, for example, Hobbes, the tiger friend of Calvin of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip series. This comic strip has been retired, and Hobbes only has (to my knowledge) bootlegged products. The creator, Bill Watterson, resisted commercializing his work, and did not want to market products for the strip.

For other famous cats, merchandise is everywhere. In total contrast to Hobbes, we have Felix the Cat and Garfield, both of which are absolute merchandising and commercial bonanzas.

Felix the Cat Products

Felix the Cat has been around since Australian cartoonist Pat Sullivan drew a prototype known as "Tom" in the early 1900s ("The Tail of Thomas the Kat"). Felix has a huge fan base, and his commercial potential was exploited almost from the beginning.

As far as I know, debate continues over whether Otto Messmer or Pat Sullivan actually invented Felix (Otto worked for Pat).

Here's the Felix the Cat Store online.

Garfield Products

Garfield is practically an industry by himself.

Cat Lover Products

Cat Lovers Only

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