Cat and Kitten Magazines

If you're a cat lover, then cat and kitten magazines are for you. You simply can't get enough of cat pictures, cat stories, and information about cats, right?

So what can you do? Well, you can get yourself a subscription. Here, we'll talk a little bit about what cat magazines do for you, and we'll cover some suggestions.

As a cat lover, obviously one of the best things you can do for yourself and your relationship with your cat is to learn more about your cat. Covering every aspect of feline care, cat and kitten magazines provide practical, useful, and timely information on cat supplies, cat care (including special care for particular breeds), cat health, and more.

What can you learn from them?

Cat Breeds

You can get extensive details on all manner of cat breeds. From Abyssinian and Bengal, on through to Himalayan, and all the way to Siamese, Sphynx and Turkish Van, there's a purebred cat to fit almost any personality or lifestyle. Learn about which one is right for you in a cat magazine.

Also, a specific cat breed may have particular health, behavior, and lifestyle issues of which you may not be aware. Make sure that you are informed and ready.

Cat Behavior

Your cat magazine subscription can help you know whether or not it's time to call in the pet psychologist, or call the vet. Articles include behavioral topics such as repetitive habits like excessive chewing and furniture scratching, odd behavior like "phantom food burying," and every day concerns such as exercise and sleep routines.

Cat Health

Closely tied to behavior are cat health issues. Turn to magazines for advice. For as resilient as cats are, they can suffer from various health issues that can be somewhat puzzling to the unaware.

Diet and nutrition concerns, skin problems, and vaccination questions are just of the few subjects covered.

Note: You can order your cat and kitten magazine subscriptions right from by clicking one of the links in the box above. As always, however, your veterinarian is your number one source for advice and information on your cat's health and behavior.

If you notice any change in your cat's behavior, sleeping or eating patterns, level of activity, or demeanor, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Not only are cat magazines are a great practical resource but they can be fun reading too! The great thing about is that you can easily see the most popular items in a category. Go get yourself or your favorite cat lover a gift of a popular feline related magazine.

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