100's of Amazing Cat Thingies Just Aren't Enough. Can You Help Me Find More?

Roslyn, a fellow cat lover, has collected 100s of cat thingies over a 35 year period. But it isn't enough. The power of the kitten compels her to collect more.

On this page are photos of some of the items she's collected over the years. Items like these...

Cat art on mantle with print

And this...

Orange tabby cat figurine

She's pretty much run out of sites to sift through, and needs your help to find shops that might have what she's looking for. Check out some of her items in the pictures here, and if you can, help her find more.

If you can help, please leave a comment for Roslyn on this page with the information she's looking for.

Below the following picture is her request for assistance...

Lion statuette

When 2 Cats and 100's of Cat Themed Items Just Aren't Enough...

Hello Cat Lovers Only community. I could use your help, please. For 35+ years, I've collected cat motif items. My two adopted cats (Penny and Fritz), live with hundreds of inanimate tabletop, floor, wall cats and paintings. All sizes, shapes, colors, textures and mediums are represented.

I particularly like colorful cats. I've been on most sites like Etsy, etc. Now, I'd like to find cat motif retail, gift or vintage stores around the U.S. They need to have a web site for product review, purchase and shipping.

Family and friends think I should have finished collecting long ago. Ha, ha. (Me crazy cat lady!) I bet only YOU understand my passion for art and cats. 

I carry an album in my car to share. It's not up to date but does the job. Posted are just a few cats in my collection. If there's a shop in your area, please provide the name, contact, phone and website. If they know you and you want me to mention your name, let me know. 

Many thanks to all. If you're ever in the Kansas City area, send me an email - rozcats [AT] kc.rr.com and you'll get a cat tour.

Enjoy this "caticon"


Roslyn (rozcats)

Cat figurines with birdhouse
Multiple cat figurines in hutch
Cat rocker
Cat figurines fishing on bench
Cat figurines on mantle

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