A Cat Christmas Ornament is the Purrfect Decoration

Looking to spice up your tree, your home and your holidays? A cat christmas ornament might be just the thing.

Get one, get two, collect them, and start a family tradition.

Add a new one each year. Or, give them as gifts (more gift ideas for cat lovers here).

People will say "hey, there's a cat stuck in your tree!" Or for fun, you can just tell people there is a cat permanently stuck in your tree before they show up at your house. Below are some examples, and places to buy ornaments online.

First up, Ornamentshop.com has some cat Christmas ornaments you can personalize, including this one, called "White Cat on top of Heart"

White cat on top of heart ornament

Pet paw ornament

Next, while not specifically cat, the Pet Paw ornament can also be personalized. Put your family name and year on it for that personal holiday touch.

Donna D. Tate hand painted cat ornament

For something unique, there are these hand painted ornaments by Donna D. Tate.

Black and white kitten ornament

The Christmas Decorations Gifts Store has a Black and White Kitten.

Cat bell ornaments

Catty Corner offers these heirloom porcelain Cat Bell Ornaments. They are from The Bradford Editions and are previously owned, but in the box.

Vintage cat ornament

Kitty Cat Heaven has a brass plate ornament which looks good when displayed on a tree, a wall or in a window, with a nice looking classic cat image with a red bow. The image is on both sides.

Persian cat Christmas ornament

Online Discount Mart has cat ornaments as well, like this Persian cat hanging from a wreath. Unfortunately, their site seems to be offline at the moment.

Adding just the right touch to your home during the holidays, especially with something that says "I'm a cat lover" sometimes can make all the difference. So go ahead, cat up your tree!

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