Can Video Catnip Help Keep Your Cat from Being Lonely?

Video catnip is a movie for cats on DVD to keep them entertained.

It has nature sounds and video clips of birds and other creatures that your cat might find tasty.

Most cats (about 80%) react to real catnip. The "secret" is in the catnip oil, nepetalactone. Many cats are also fascinated by the video version.

For example, this kitty in the video below is quite entertained...

This cat is also very captivated by the DVD...

But many people have asked, can cats see TV? Yes, cats can watch television, and these videos certainly show that. In my experience, cats are more likely to watch television than dogs, but that may be just what I've observed.

Although it's probably the most interesting subject for a kitty, it's not just the Video Catnip DVD's that cats are interested in. Cats will sometimes watch computer screens, and my cats have often swatted at the mouse cursor. I often wonder... do they know it's a mouse?

Other than the cleverly titled VC, there are also some other products you can buy to keep your cat entertained while you're gone.

In addition to toys like the Tick Tock Teaser and the Peek-a-Prize toy box (see the best cat toys page), there are other video products, which include:

Cat Lover Products

Cat Lovers Only

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